My friend in her wedding used new nature inspired mehndi designs of various shapes and sizes

There are so many simple mehndi designs out there in magazines and online you can find for your wedding and other events you want to draw on your hands and feet. There is no dearth for it. There are many out there girls and women who have become bored of drawing the same mehndi designs again and again. It is natural that when you use again and again the same designs or anything you become bored of it. 

And these days drawing mehndi is not only had on traditional events, you can see girls drawing it as a fashion statement. They now call it natural tattoos that fade away with some time and one of the best versions of tattoos for those people who don’t want to have permanent. 

As we told you above the same mehndi designs are always there. Hence where to look for new mehndi designs. When the question comes of finding inspiration for creating something new, one should always look into nature from where many great people have taken inspirations for their work. 

If you are creative, there are many patterns and motifs in nature that you can use for mehndi designs. You should have the ability to recognize these patterns. In nature, there is an abundance of everything. 

My one friend during her wedding used the nature-inspired simple mehndi designs. I first time saw these types of designs in her wedding when her mehndi artist that she hired for the services drew those. When I asked her from where she got the designs, from which magazine or any other sources, then her reply was that she all got it from nature. I asked her how? Then she said there are so many shapes everywhere wherever you see. You just need a little bit of creativity to enhance them provided they look types of mehndi designs. 

Those mehndi designs were in some square shapes like frames of pictures, tassels hanging from palms, birds, animals, flowers and a short story depicted on your whole hands. One of the benefits of mehndi is, it doesn’t harm in any way, hundred percent natural, fade away with time, not like permanent tattoos that ruin the skin and making it dark. This is one of the reasons that mehndi is being called natural tattoo ink. 

And there is no any bound that on wedding you have to draw certain type of mehndi designs. It is not necessary. Have it whatever you want to have it, any kind of design that you like or pattern. The only requirement is it must look creative. 

Even a simple starry mehndi, only the dots in shapes of stars can look amazing rather than complicating it with so many layers.

So the next time when the question comes in your mind where to look for more new refreshening mehndi designs, then look in nature or in your surrounding where you can find many shapes and sizes. The only thing you need to do is to use them creatively while drawing them on your hands and feet with mehndi.

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