Must See Historical Places In Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

Bhopal is the capital of Madhya Pradesh and cherished with the rich history, historical places, well known monuments, national parks, archeological sites etc. if you come once to here then you will surely love this place to visit. Some famous places and tourists attractions in Bhopal are discussed in detail here in below paragraphs.

1. Udaigiri Caves

These caves come into existence during the 4th and 5th century when the ruling power is under Chandragupta Maurya. It is one of the beautiful examples of archeological heritage and there are different sculptures including Varah (Lord Vishnu) related to Hindu religion, remains of Buddhist Stupas and around 20 caves are there around this place. These caves are formed by cutting the rocks and represent the old temples of Hindu religion. There are a lot to know in details from this place must hire a guide while visiting this place to know more.

2. Van Vihar National Park

It is one of the famous national parks in India and covers an area of approximately 445 hectares. Its provides shelters to above than 2000 species of animals, flies, mammals and birds etc. Here you can see animals like lions, tigers, bears, leopards, panthers and many other animals. A large number of bird species who migrates from various places to here during summers. It’s a home to animals where they can roam freely and there basic need of food and medicines gets fulfilled on time. I assure you that this place will surely be loved by the kids and a great time you can spend.

3. Upper Lake

Upper lake in Bhopal is one of the tourist attractions and visited by thousands of visitors every year. It was established in 11th century by the orders of King Bhoj. Visitors spend a quality time there and used to visit during the evening time. It is also famous as the BadaTalab or Bhojtal and one of the oldest man-made lakes in India. Some other activities which you must enjoy here include the boating, parasailing, canoeing, and photography etc.  And one of the best picnic spot to enjoy in Bhopal. Apart from all this you can enjoy the snacks on the nearby local market. You must plan your trip with your loved ones to Bhopal.

3. Gauhar Mahal

Gauhar Mahal was established in 1820 by the former ruler Gauhar Begam of the territory that time. It is one of the ancient monuments to visit in Bhopal. If we discuss about its architecture, it is a combination of Hindu and Islamic life style and some religious symbols still remains there. To get detailed information you must hire a guide to get the details story behind it. From the archeological point of view there is a lot to know about the rich history and the living style of those times. It will take approximate above than 2 hours to visit there and enjoy.

4. Laxmi Narayan Temple

Laxmi Narayan temple was the most beautiful temple constructed by the Birla Family. This temple is dedicated to the goddess Laxmi and Lord Narayana. In other premises there are also the statues of Lord Shiva and Godess Parvati and a beautiful garden. Apart from the temple there is also the Birla Museum connected to this temple where a huge collection of sculptures and paintings of ancient times are kept. The temple was constructed with the yellowish stone which imparts yellow color; it is one of the 18 temples built by the Business family of Birla’s.

Apart from all the above places there are some places which you must visit during your trip to Bhopal includes Taj-Ul-Masjid, Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sanghralaya, Lover Lake, Bharat Bhavan, MP Tribal museum and many other locations etc.

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