Must Have Travel Accessories for Every Traveller

Traveling now that sounds fun! Seriously, it is hard to think of anyone who hates traveling. It is a great way to see new things, meet new people and have new experiences in general. As they say, the only way you can have an adventure is by stepping out of your comfort zone. 

If you are a habitual traveler, chances are that you go out at least once a month. Be it long vacations or short trips, travellers who are in the habit of going out frequently can adapt to any circumstance they are faced with. But even the aces need a little material help. So, here are seven accessories- from Swiss knives to portable water filter bottles that you should pack in your travel bag every time you head outdoors:

Safety Locks



A good and reliable safety lock should be the first thing you pack in your bag. Depending on what situation you are in, you may have to safeguard the contents of the bag. Even if you are going somewhere quiet and peaceful, a little precaution never hurt anybody.

Instead of using locks that can be opened with a key, use locks that need proper number combinations to open. The reason behind this is that normal locks can be picked easily and you may misplace the key, putting your baggage at risk.  


Swiss Knife


A Swiss knife is a handy tool to have in your pocket, especially if you are going on a hike. The various components of the knife- the blade, the bottle opener, the screwdriver- can come in handy at different situations. It is also good to have a Swiss knife with you just for protection purposes. 


First-Aid Kit


A lot of people ignore the utility of a first-aid kit while traveling. Accidents can happen any time, and proper first aid at the right time can save your life. Pack a small bag with bandages, antiseptic lotions, cotton, gauge, along with medication like antacids, paracetamols, a small ice bag and other medicines that you might need. Having this first aid kit with you will ensure that you don’t have to rely on the availability of a pharmacy wherever you’re going. 


Water purifier bottle 


Clean water is an important resource, and if you are going camping or trekking, you can run out of clean water at any time. Investing in a portable water purifier bottle may be a good idea. This way, you will have clean water at your disposal at all times. If you have your doubts about the drinking water at any place you are going, your purifier bottle will help you out in no time. 


Plastic bags


You absolutely need to carry lots and lots of plastic bags. This way, you will be able to separate the clean stuff in your luggage from the dirty ones. Plastic bags also come in handy when you have to pack things like shoes or maybe a wet swimsuit. Plastic bags also come in handy when you need to pack food items, as they make sure that the food does not leak into the rest of your luggage. It is better to carry your own collection of plastic bags since a lot of cities in India and the world have a strict no-plastic policy.

Travel bag for your essentials 


If you are living in a hotel during your vacation, chances are that you will be provided with all the essentials you need. However, if you are on a trek, or are simply someone who cannot do without their own toiletries, then you should get a toiletry bag, It will simply help you place all your essentials in one place. Also, instead of packing things every time you travel, you can simply purchase travel-size packs of these items and keep your toiletry bag ready to go!


Power banks


Almost everyone owns a power bank these days. If you don’t, and you are a frequent traveler, you must get one ASAP.  You simply cannot have your phone’s battery dying on you when you are alone in a foreign location. And plug points are not always available at all places. So, to be on the safer side, carry a power bank with you when you’re traveling.

These are the most basic and most important accessories that you should take on your trip. Different people have different needs and if you would like to suggest a travel accessory that we missed then please feel free to post it in the comments section.

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