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Moving 101: 5 Ways to Make your Move Affordable - Likeitgirl

Moving 101: 5 Ways to Make your Move Affordable

There’s no way to make the moving process completely stress-free, but saving some money can help alleviate some of the pressure. Whether you’re facing a cross-country move or are merely going across town, there are ways to cut costs. Check out these five ways to make your move affordable as you begin to plan your journey.

1. Sell What You Can

One of the most practical ways to make moving cheaper and easier is to get rid of things you no longer need. It doesn’t make much sense to hold onto excess possessions and pay to move them. Not only will you save money by making a big purge before you move, but you might also even be able to earn a profit by selling some things. The investment of time and planning may be well worth the return if you have several items of value. Don’t forget you can always donate what you aren’t able to sell.

2. Don’t Buy Packing Materials

There may be no need to spend money on boxes and other packing materials. If you’re creative and strategic, you can often obtain boxes from local businesses before they break them down and throw them away. Check the classifieds or Craigslist for people who are getting rid of boxes. When it comes to keeping your breakables safe, you don’t have to invest in bubble wrap or other packing material. Instead, look for items around your home you could use. Socks, towels, and plastic grocery bags are all suitable for wrapping delicate items or stuffing between glassware to prevent breakage.

3. Ask for Reimbursement

If you’re moving for work, it may be possible to get your company to reimburse your moving and travel expenses. If no one has approached you with such information, it likely won’t hurt to ask human resources if reimbursement is possible. This could save you a ton of money. If your employer won’t assist with costs, you should be able to write them off on your taxes, at least.

4. Consider Hiring Professionals\

Unless you’re moving a short distance and have very few possessions, it’s often worth it to just hire a mover. Asking friends or family to help in exchange for a meal may seem worth the financial savings, but several things could go wrong. Such requests have been known to damage relationships if someone feels they are being taken advantage of or should an expensive item be broken by a helper. Professional moving services are experienced in handling all sorts of items, and they carry insurance to cover potential mishaps. If you need to bring a second car on a long movie, you want to consider whether it may simply be worth it to hire professional cross-country car transport. Such services can save a great deal of time, frustration, and even money in the long run.

5. Avoid the Busy Season

Another way to save big is to avoid moving during the peak season, usually from May to September. Rates are lower at other times of the year. Plus, finding a moving company with availability will be easier during the less busy months. The logistics of your move will be much simpler. You’ll save a lot of money and stress if you’re able to time your move correctly.


These tips should help to make your move significantly more affordable than you may have thought it would be. Some planning, research, and creativity can go a long way toward making the process far less stressful, along with helping you to save a pretty penny on the whole endeavor.


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