Motorcycle Safety Keep Yourself And Others Safe

Motorcyclists may be aware of the risks and dangers this sport brings but might forget or ignore how important safety is. Motorcycle safety keeps yourself and others safe on the road so your and others’ lives are at stake here. because you are all open on a motorcycle and less protected compared to car drivers so are more likely to get injured and have a fatal crash. When it comes to motorcycle riding whether long or short ride safety is of utmost priority.

Gear you must have

Motorcycle gear can prove to be crucial in saving you from fatal injuries and even provide protection from abrasion. Which will in return help you get back to your bike sooner. Following is a list of gear that every rider should own and wear. But as time passes by you can add more gear how you feel.


The helmet is one of the most important things and very basic. According to research helmets are 37% more helpful in for protection from fatal injuries. Any helmet would not do, buy a good quality protective motorcycle helmet. Buy yourself a new helmet right is saved from a crash because next time it might not. Buy what you like and feel comfortable but just so you know full-face helmets are better. Even if your country or state doesn’t have helmet laws, wear one.


Long sleeve motorcycle leather jackets are the ones you should go for. During the summer season, you can switch to a textile or some other synthetic material. Just make sure it will protect. Check out best women motorcycle jackets, and check the site for more quality motorcycle gear.


In a crash, the body acts naturally and our hands trying to get hold of things automatically, it is an involuntary action. So, you must protect your hands too. For hand protection you can wear leather gloves, they provide protection from scrapes, not the impact.


Protection for ankles is as necessary for any other body part. Motorcycle shoes or boots not only protect your feet but gives you better traction as well.


Like any other piece of gear, pants also protect your legs. Leather motorcycle chaps are always a priority but textile is not bad too.


During the night or foggy weather, you must make sure that other riders and drivers see you. High visibility motorcycle vests are a simple and quick solution to this. You can wear a high visibility vest over the motorcycle jackets. Otherwise, buy a jacket with reflective panels.

Things that can protect

Along with good protection and gear if you have good skills too you escape and even prevent injuries, incidents, crashes and your body by the bike.


Ride bike you know and that fits you. Invest in the right one and go for anti-lock brakes, keep headlights on, do not change lanes frequently, and do not ride between lanes.


Know road rules, never drink and drive, and be aware of your surroundings.

Road rules

Never over speed, do not tailgate and keep a safe distance from vehicles. Stay in the slow lane and shift in the fast lane for overtaking only. As soon as you overtake shift back to slow lane.

Avoid wet weather

One of the most dangerous time is just after the rain hosts pavements. So, watch the weather reports and avid driving in wet weather.

Be aware of the traffic

Be aware of your surroundings and not only monitor and see the traffic in front but also pay attention to the traffic behind. Mirrors are important to have. See the traffic in front and behind before shifting lanes. And be patient if you couldn’t shift for a few moments. A speeding car might be coming right behind. In that case, be ready to react properly.

Be ready to break

Keeping your hand on the break and keeping one off the clutch, it will help. This gives you quick response time and good breaking which in return can be a lifesaver.

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