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Most Amazing Gift Ideas for Fitness Junkies - Likeitgirl

Most Amazing Gift Ideas for Fitness Junkies

Holidays are approaching and you still have to find the perfect gifts for your loved ones. However, if one of them is into exercising and crazy about staying fit, you can cross him or her off the list, since we have a solution. Here’s the list of 8 amazing gifts the fitness junkie in your life will be super excited to get.   

Ear warmers with headphones

There’s nothing more useful for winter workout than ear warmers with headphones. They keep the ears warm and at the same time are useful for a person’s motivation, since music can often inspire us to strive to achieve something and fulfil our goals. Additionally, if the person you are buying the gift for exercises alone, these headphones will certainly make working out more interesting and enjoyable for them.

Lucy running gloves

If you have already decided to go for ear warmers with headphones, sweep your friend off their feat by combining this gift with Lucy E-Tip Run Gloves. Since you have secured the possibility for your beloved person to listen to music while working out, you cannot let them fumble to change songs with icy fingers. These gloves have a smartphone-compatible index finger tip, so, a person can use a phone without taking them off.

Jawbone Up

Another great gift is the Jawbone Up, a fitness accessory and iPhone app. If your budget is not tight, go for the latest version, since the app and device have been both rebuilt. This amazing device keeps track of how much a person has moved during the day, alerting you when it’s time to exercise. It’s waterproof, so the rain won’t spoil the fun. Choose the right colour for your friend and be the Santa of the year.

Bodybuilding clothes

No matter whether your beloved person is a man or a woman, if they are a fitness junkie, they will be amazed to get both comfortable and stylish bodybuilding clothes. So, this is certainly an excellent choice for a gift. You can opt for shorts, pants, hoodies, t-shirts, etc. No matter what you choose, be sure that the fabric is adequate for this purpose, and that the style suits the person in question.

Under Armour hair ties

If the person you want to surprise for the holidays has long hair, a pack Under Armour hair ties is the perfect gift. Everyone hates hair getting in their face while they are working out; so, by buying something like this, you will show how considerate you are when it comes to your friends’ needs. What we especially like about these hair ties are the motivational messages written on them.

Suunto Ambit 2S watch

If you need a gift for a man, he’ll love the Suunto Ambit 2S watch. This state-of-the-art technology tracks a person’s performance in several sports, including running, swimming and cycling. Additionally, it’s perfect for a hiking enthusiast, since it will help him stay on the right path during his long hikes. However, not only is this watch extremely useful, but it looks sophisticated as well, giving its owner an elegant touch to the sports look.

Nike+ Fuelband

Another amazing gift you can buy for the fitness junkie in your life is the Nike+ Fuelband fitness tracker. This present will turn hard training into a game in which the goal is to rack up as many points as possible. And, as we all know, having a firm goal can help a person be persistent instead of giving up, which is extremely important in the case of exercising.

Yoga Mat

If the person for whom you want to find a gift is a yoga lover, there is nothing they would wish more to have, than a non-slip sticky yoga mat, which won’t move while exercising. They have an innovative moisture absorbing design. So, when a person gets sweatier, the mat has more moisture on it and it grips more instead of slipping. However, these amazing mats are great for other kinds of exercises as well, so, you won’t make a mistake if you opt for them.  


As you can see, there is no reason to be nervous if you still haven’t found the perfect present, since the offer is very rich. You should just think of what your friend needs, and you will get the answer.

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