Morocco by Motorcycle: The Ultimate Coastal Cruising Experience

Nothing beats the experience of exploring scenic views and enjoying an adventure tour across a vast region on a motorcycle. Morocco offers an eye-opening taste of exotic attractions with great landscapes spanning across the country. With so many things to see, including historic attractions, the country’s diverse culture, beautiful landscapes, and captivating architecture, you’ll need a good plan to enjoy the road trip across the country.

Here’s how to enjoy your road trip across the deserts, medinas, and city roads in Morocco: 

Get the Right Motorcycle 

Unless you have your own motorcycle, you may have to hire one when visiting Morocco. The good thing is that several reputable motorcycle rental shops offer different rates, averaging 1,276 – 1,813 Moroccan Dirham ($132 to $188) for 5-7 days. Different bike models are available for hire. Of course, adventure bikes or cruiser bikes offer the best long road trip experience, so get one if you can for the thrill and comfort.

Before you hire a bike, make sure to inquire about motorcycle licensing requirements and the registration processes if required. Make sure you meet all the necessary legal requirements before planning a cross-country trip

Ride the Incredible Route Through Morocco

If you’re looking for an exciting road trip across Morocco, you have to try what is considered the country’s ultimate motorcycle adventure route. The trip captures the heart and soul of the country, running from the majestic Rif Mountains all the way to the South, where you’ll tour the Atlas mountains then loop around Marrakesh. Here’s what to see on the route:

  • Spectacular scenery as you start in the Rif Mountains 
  • Impressive ancient city of Fez, a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Blue-washed city of Chefchaouen – A fascinating place to wander
  • Mind-blowing views of the Middle and High Atlas mountains
  • Tafilalet Oasis for the perfect pitstop
  • Erg Chebbi, a tremendously picturesque destination
  • Thrilling Dadés Gorge – One of the highlights of this route
  • Fascinating ancient Telouet Kasbah palace
  • Dramatic Anti-Atlas Mountains that offer endless fun riding
  • Tizi-n-Test Pass – a sublime mountain road with sheer drops
  • Iconic Marrakesh, Morocco’s most famous city 
  • Ride North and enjoy rural Morocco
  • The end of the route leads to Rabat on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean

Pack Smart and Prep Your Bike

With all the attractions to see across this iconic route in Morocco, it makes sense to plan ahead for the trip, pack smart, and take advantage of travel hacking resources to save money during your long road trip. Start with the essentials like personal documents, mobile phone, cash or credit card, comfy clothing, toiletries, and of course, the right custom riding gear and luggage bags to fit your motorcycle. Pack light and buy what you can along the way.

Traveling across Morocco or any other destination by motorcycle allows you to directly connect with nature and realize a country’s unique authenticity. Given that motorcycles offer a great way to experience attractions more affordably, adventure biking in Morocco should be on your solo holiday to-do list. 

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