Morning Routine To Feel Younger in 30 Minutes


If you’ve ever seen the way a kid rushes at the morning, you can’t help but think our feeling old and tired in the morning is mostly a matter of mind. Yes, their bodies are younger, but that’s not what powers them up and out of bed. They’re awake and eager because they believe each day is full of wonder and excitement, and they welcome it as the gift that it is.

This morning yoga routine is going to help you embrace your inner child, helping you not only feel younger, but look younger as well.

Jump into your favourite yoga gear, and get ready for a routine that will energize your whole day.

Do this flow five times in its entirety, and hold each pose for 10-15 full breaths

1) Mountain Pose/Sidebending Mountain Pose

Here’s where you’re going to gently bring yourself out of sleep and connect to your body and breath. It’s a calm, active pose that will allow you the serenity to set your intentions for the day. Bend slightly from side-to-side with every exhale to get your obliques involved.

2) Downward Dog

Now it’s time to wake up your whole body with this engaging posture. From Mountain, place your hands on the ground in front of you and step back to Downward Dog, being mindful to push up through the heels of your palms into your lifted hips. Cycle your heels on and off the ground if you feel like it. Part of yoga involves honouring your body, so if it feels like it wants to move, let it!

3) Cobra Pose

Next, transition to Cobra Pose. Be sure to keep your elbows hugging your body. If this backbend is too much, come down to your elbows for a less intense modified version. Cobra pose is great for strengthening your arms, releasing tension in your back and elevating your mood. In other words, it’s a perfect addition to your morning routine!

4) Cat/Cow

Cat/Cow will stretch your core, getting it ready for the demands of the day. It will also release tension in your shoulders, neck and spine, which can be handy for those of us who wake up with aches and pains from sleeping at strange angles.

5) Chair Pose

Get to your feet for Chair – a fantastic posture for stretching your achilles tendons, opening your chest, and strengthening your thighs and glutes. In this pose, be sure to sink down down into your heels while simultaneously reaching your fingers to the sky.

And that’s it!

Once you’re through the flow five times, your mind and body will be primed for the day. Just be sure to make the time to actually do it – and to give yourself permission to carve out this space for yourself. Don’t let your mind wander to everything you have to do in the next 24 hours. Just be present, proud and grateful. You’re engaging in a practice that can lay the foundations for a great day, and a great life.

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