Transitioning from a cot to toddler beds is an exciting time for your child, providing both confidence and safety at bedtime. This guide aims to support your decision to find the most straightforward bed for your child, and you’ll also view our collection of toddler beds for more inspiration.


Being a mother has got to be one among the foremost rewarding jobs on the earth . It’s also one among the foremost challenging, want to-bang-your-head-against-a-wall frustrating, emotional and exhausting jobs. we can’t consider another situation that competes. 


Sometimes it seems like we’ve been duped, we’ve watched too many American sitcoms, and we’ve been spun tales of how fun and straightforward it’s mentioning these tiny, who become not so small, citizenry. They begin out all cute and cuddly (that smell, are you able to remember that smell; you only can’t beat the fresh, unreplicable, causes you to the go-all-gooey smell of a baby’s skin). 


Moreover, before you recognize it, they’ve become energetic, loud, demanding small, smelly people that start challenging our perfect parenting skills – and this stage then goes on for years, probably for the remainder of our lives right? Surely not?! Things continue to grow and multiply, bigger bodies, more significant bills, bigger challenges, bigger headaches. But we wouldn’t want it the other way and that i wouldn’t swap it for the world!

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The Cot To Toddler Bed Transition

As a parent, you’ll experience a memory bank of moments that cause you to appreciate just how quickly your munchkin grows up. Their first vocable may be a big one, and their first cautious step is another. But once you spot your baby clambering up from their crib and grasping the bars with defiance, this is often the instant you realize they’re not a baby anymore.


Seemingly overnight, your newborn turns into a toddler. But there’s no time to stress about the speed of this transition. As soon as you discover yourself awakening to a gently creaking cot, a couple of semi-comprehensible shouts and a few huffing and puffing as your former baby rises from the mat. You recognize it’s time to upgrade our mamma baby gear to a much reliable one.

At What Age Should My Child Move From Cot To Bed

There are many factors which will influence a parent’s decision to form the move from cot to the first bed. It might be the impending arrival of a sibling, to supply the kid more independence or simply because everyone feels it’s the proper time to form the change. Regardless of the reason, there’s no right or wrong age to create this transition.


Results from a recent study identified that oldsters who wait to start the cot-to-bed transition until toddlers are three years old might find that both they and their child recover sleep. The research involved surveying parents and caregivers across five countries and was headed by Ariel Williamson of Children’s Hospital Pennsylvania.


‘Research during the last decade has shown how important healthy sleep is across the lifespan, but especially during childhood,’ says Williamson.


The study authors reported within the journal Sleep Medicine that those that delayed the transition from crib to bed longer were more likely to report less resistance at bedtime, fewer night awakenings and longer sleep duration for youngsters.


Williamson and colleagues collected data from 1,983 caregivers with toddlers aged between 18 and 36 months living in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the uk and the US.


The team found that cot sleeping decreased steadily with age at the subsequent rates:


  • Age 18-24 months 63% of toddlers slept during a cot.
  • Age 24-30 months 34% of toddlers slept during a cot.
  • Period 30-36 months 13% of toddlers slept during a cot.


Bottom Line

We pitied guests who dared to step inside my house during the toddler years. They need to have mistakenly thought that they had rocked abreast of the film set of “Disney/Pixar Cars Plastic Toddler Bed” it had been probably tricky to inform whether it had been the youngsters or me, cluelessly whizzing around, knee-deep in Lego, frenetic limbs, frazzled hair, getting jobs done. 


In contrast, they had their much-needed nap! wet does makeussmile that it’s often at this stage us parents think it’s a realistic idea to manoeuvre said whirlwind toddlers out from their slightly restrictive cot prisons and into not so restrictive beds! Why? Have we lost our minds?


Our puzzled parents often ask us at what age is it best to form the transition from cot to bed – my honest answer is that there isn’t a “right” age. for a few parents, it’s going to desire an enormous leap into a replacement stage and may want a frightening process, but it doesn’t need to be! to assist make the method as easy and smooth as possible – leaving you to enjoy the more positive aspects of this exciting milestone

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