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Minimalist is out, rough style is in! - Likeitgirl

Minimalist is out, rough style is in!

The minimalist accessories are small and exquisite with the most elegant feelings. Also, because of the subtlety and compactness, the stack of minimalist accessories is a well-known trick that is fashionable and extravagant. But the trend is very varied, along with the subculture of the street, the fashionistas are probably tired of keeping low key, so, many of the rough accessories are becoming more popular.


In the limited changes in hair style and makeup, the girls who love beauty seek breakthroughs in jewelry. Earrings are the items which have so many different for trying the newest styles. Rough style earrings can often be the crowning touch of the entire styling, just looking at those designs makes you fall in love with them!

1. Geometric line Design

The geometric shape of the tough lines is applied to the small earrings. Any combination of ring, sphere and column can often produce a design effect. Not to mention irregular geometric figures, unpredictable smart shapes with hard metal materials, dramatic conflicts bring a unique sense of style.

2. Exaggerated style hoop earrings

We have long been familiar with the hoop earrings, and the irregular earrings that we are going to talk about now are completely hoop earring 2.0 versions! With the simple version of the ring earrings, the street features, or a unique shape and special materials are superimposed, and you can be very formal!

Necklace articles

Some necklaces are considered by many girls as close-fitting items and are rarely replaced; however, some necklaces are used as pure decorations to match the overall shape. The rough necklace we are talking about is the latter.

1. Metal primary color thick chain necklace

It is easy to understand that it is the “big golden chain”, it is no longer synonymous with “upstart” and look at the street hipsters, the rougher the better! Compared with the simple big gold chain, in addition to the thick, there is a metal piece decoration in the middle of the popular chain necklace.

The length of the necklace is also quite elegant. In addition to the choker tied to the neck, there is a long length of hanging to the chest, but the thick is the same theme.

2. Colored metal necklace

When we found that the big gold chain has changed color, the hiphop street-style big gold chain can be elegant! But the quirky color is especially a test of matching skill. In order to make the overall shape more harmonious, the echo of the details is a must!


“Stacked Wear” is an indispensable skill for jewelry wear. It may not be suitable for rough style earrings and necklaces, but it can be used on bracelets! Even the exaggerated and unrestrained bracelet, worn with the watch, can still be fashionable and not artificial.


Although it is not as fine as a small ring, the ring of rough shape definitely catches the eye and attracts you to make a one-second concave shape! Sunflower rings and animal rings can be your top choices!

Tips: It is recommended that these exaggerated rough jewelry do not put a brain together! Try to make an embellishment in your exquisite elegance, and the wonderful sense of conflict will definitely give you unexpected surprises! Do you want to try it?

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