A sinister note in a classroom, a 9-hour office shift, or an entire day devoted to housing cleaning and organizing – these are reasons enough to kick off a party.

Spending a little time with your friends and family, sharing food, drinks and laughter is like hitting a refreshing button in life. A perfect companion for a party is the famous seven-second challenge.

These challenges are basically sets of questions, adventure, questions or games that every participant has to complete in just 7-seconds! As simple as it may seem, these activities are always cheerful and full of laughter.

How to play:

There is only one rule of the game – the time to complete the challenge/dare/question is only 7 seconds. Even a second will exclude the additional participant. Two people can play it, but more, merge! So it is perfect for a casual fun party or birthday party.

If more than 3 people are going to play it, you may need some props like a bottle, which you can place on the floor or on the table, a bowl and some paper slips to write seven pieces. If you cannot find the bottle, you can use a pillow or a soft toy.

You can use it to pass between participants with a raga in the background. When the music stops, the person holding that parcel must lift a slip from the bowl and complete the challenge in 7 seconds.

This 7-second challenge ideas list will definitely set a tone for your party. You need a timer on your smartphone or anyone can easily track the time. These ideas are not specific – anyone can do this because we all want a good time and a hearty one – are we not?

Take a full selfie (no mistake)

Apply eyeliner or mascara to the eyes

Tie your hair in a perfect braiding

Touch 3 objects of 3 different colors.

Write your name backward or write

9 skimp.

Activate a movie name

Go through a 7-second challenge

Which party is fun without anyone daring? To begin, you can decide who is going to take the air using a customary bottle, a pen on the floor, or a table. All these seven-second challenges can be written on separate sheets of paper and then put all of them in a bowl. Don’t forget to change these chits every time.

Rupee. 50 from someone (who is not in the game).

Call your friend and make him laugh.

Put on the jacket and button it

Eat a raw onion

Post the funniest pic online

Apply nail paint on your foot

Break 8 eggs in a bowl without peeling

7-second question

It is always fun to question your friends when they have no idea what the question is going to be. The best part of the game – to ask a 7-second challenge question, you don’t need a set up to play. You can also have a fun time at work!

3 movies you’ve never seen on television

Mention 5 states and their capitals

Name 7 spices

Mention 7 foods that can be made with plain flour

Name 5 Prime Time News Anchor

7 Bollywood villains names and movies in which they acted

A batsman can be declared by mentioning 6 methods.

7-second game

This set of 7-second games can also be played with a group of children. So, if it combines with a family nephew, nephew, and grandson, or a birthday party – boredom will be overcome by playing these fun activities! Check out these seven-second games for kids

Repeat tongue 5 times

Brace your friend’s neck

Blow 7 balloons without using your hands

Place three ice cubes in your mouth, with the lips closed tight

Take at least 5 pieces of ice from your mouth in a bowl filled with water.

Name 7 Things You Can’t Buy at the Grocery Store

Name 5 words that rhyme


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