Material handling tips for compelling manual processes

Sometimes, there is no option but to move the content manually. In this case, it is important to train employees on proper handling techniques to limit injuries. The National Safety Council recommends that employees adhere to the following and what not to do when handling content manually.

Order fulfilment is an essential part of any e-commerce business operation. As your business grows, so do your fulfilment processes and warehouse management options, making in-house logistics operations more challenging.

What are the best practices for effective content management?

If your business needs a starting point, here are specific materials handling principles that can guide you toward improvement projects. For getting the most of your material handling view products displayed at

  • Principles of planning: Set clear objectives and specifications.
  • Standardization principle: Standardizing devices and software without compromising productivity, modularity or flexibility.
  • Working principle: reduce the movement rate of the warehouse without sacrificing the operational professional level or productivity. The solution should not reduce production.
  • Ergonomic principles: Prioritize the health and safety of the worker when striving for improvement. Attempts to increase efficiency by making unreasonable or dangerous demands on employees are unfavourable and, in some cases, illegal.
  • Unit load principle: Make sure the unit load is of the right size and actually facilitates the flow of goods through the warehouse due to constraints.
  • Space Use Theory: Consider space as a limited tool and use it effectively through practices like put-a-like.
  • System Principles: Integrate your storage activities and material handling systems to cover everything from reception to transportation and dealing with potential claims.
  • Automation Principle: Where possible, limit the amount of manual intervention by automated processes.
  • Environmental Theory: Assess the environmental impact and impact of your company’s action when considering new equipment.
  • Lifecycle Theory: Evaluate the expected life cycle of potential devices and how much it will cost for ongoing maintenance.

Businesses that adhere to these principles also avoid creating new problems when trying to solve old ones. Proper material handling Equipment protects your warehouse workers and simplifies productivity.

Your material handling process builds on the overall productive efforts of your warehouse. Ignore the former and it will be to the detriment of the latter. Effective material management processes keep production flowing, ensure that goods reach customers on time, prevent workplace injuries and increase employee overall morale.

In other words, it is an essential part of a healthy supply chain. Its regular inspection and improvement will ensure that your warehouse will be in top management shape in the future.

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