Make Your Conservatory the Best Room in the House

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A stunning room that’s all-too-often an afterthought when it comes to home redecoration, a conservatory is an ideal space for opening up your home and creating an inviting area to enjoy in the summer months and beyond. Far from just an extended storage space for your plant collection, your conservatory can work as a useful, multi-functional part of your home that is usable all year round – if you put enough thought into its design.

All too often, rooms like the bathroom, living room and bedroom tend to get all the home design overhaul attention – leaving statement areas like the conservatory in a state of neglect. If you’re looking for some top tips on how to breathe life back into this space, we have just the thing. In today’s post, we’ll be offering advice on everything from functionality to style – so come rain or shine, you can create a space you love to spend time in.

Make it multi-functional

In a world where space is at a premium, multi-functionality reigns supreme in home design. Many conservatories are built around a single use, while the best conservatories serve many purposes – whether that be socialising with guests, hosting afternoon tea or just enjoying some downtime in the summer.

Clever storage systems can be a real lifeline when floor space is tight, giving you the chance to store items away when they’re not needed and reduce clutter in the process. Use a smaller 2-seater sofa, and make use of additional furnishings like fold-up wooden seating that can be tucked away to transform the room from a fun space fit for daytime family hangouts to a cosy area that’s perfect for a movie marathon.

Use natural design features

The conservatory sits perfectly between indoor and outdoor living, so draw your design inspiration from the natural world outside. Embrace an unrefined aesthetic by making use of features like natural wooden flooring, gorgeous green plants and neutral colour tones. Take advantage of the abundant light flooding through the windows by opting for light colours to create an airy, bright and open atmosphere that can be soaked up year-round.

Try using smaller accessories to incorporate organic tones with a contemporary twist, pairing materials like wood with metallics to keep the dynamic modern and fresh. When it comes to choosing your shade, colour consistently in your conservatory’s accents will deliver the best results. Pale greens, canary yellows and seaside blues will add a touch of charm, perfectly complementing the abundance of natural light in this space.

Bridge the indoor/outdoor gap

Given its proximity to the garden and association with the outdoors, it’s no surprise that this sunlit space sees more use in the warmer summer months. In order to make the most of the of the sunnier seasons, think about how this space can be used as an extension of your garden.

Incorporate plenty of store-away seating so guests have the option to tuck into their barbecue foods inside, and you could even install double doors that swing out into the garden in order to extend this indoor space. With well-placed plants breathing life into your conservatory, you can blur the line between in and outdoors and make the most of every sunny day.

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Make it practical

As mentioned earlier, a great conservatory is one that can be used all year round. Whether you’re hit with a stormy September, frosty February or sunblushed June, the conservatory should be open and inviting regardless.

Integrate features like underfloor heating for colder days, sufficient ventilation to combat humidity and blinds for privacy from your surrounding neighbours. Avoid cramming furniture into this space and, instead, keep practicality at the forefront. Remember, less really is more when it comes to conservatory design.

With summer in full swing, now’s the time to treat your conservatory to a touch of TLC. Whether it’s an existing sunroom in need of some touch-ups or a brand new build that you’ve just started planning for, make sure you take advantage of this room’s unique properties and create a home haven that can be enjoyed by the whole family, all year round.

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