Make your casual look cooler

Hello folks. When it comes to clothing here are typically these types. A perfect formal when you wear a tuxedo. A semi-formal when you wear a suit and a tie. A business casual when you lose a tie and put on a sweater or a sports coat or so and then everything else falls under the casual thing. Well, the casual these days are so boring. There is casual and there is a cool casual! Let us take a look at some cool casual styles that will help you to improvise your casual styling. Let us look at 9 ways to make the casuals cooler.

1.Don’t try too hard or just don’t give up.
People either try too much or they just don’t care. Keep it basic and then see how it works. Basic is the best. Basic style, basic trend. Nothing too trendy or over stylish.

2.Don’t over accessorize
Some people have got everything. They’ve got bracelets, belts, goggles, necklaces, earrings and what not. They’ve got too many. Don’t do that. Keep it simple and minimal.

3.No shiny shoes with casuals
Don’t wear shiny shoes with casuals. You can’t wear shiny shoes with jeans and chinos. These shiny shoes are not casual shoes, they’re dress shoes.

4.Keep it fit
Don’t wear too short or too long clothes. If you wear too short, then people consider that you are showing off your muscles or you just don’t understand the sizing. And, if you wear too long and loose clothes, then you screw up. You look like a joker and also you don’t understand the sizing and clothing.

5.No visible undershirts
Since we’re talking about clothing, then there is this rule. Your undershirts shouldn’t be visible. If you have a problem with sweat rings, then you must wear an undershirt but that doesn’t mean it should be visible. It makes you look nasty and not so cool!

6.The casual holes
Well, the small hole in your jeans are accepted and it makes you look cool in your casuals. But small holes in your shirt? Nah! You don’t want that because you’ll look nasty.

7.Add some more clothing to your shirt/t-shirt
In winters, add a leather jacket, or a woollen jacket or a sweater to your shirt. In summers, a cotton shirt and t-shirt combination suits the best. It helps you improvise your styling and makes you stand different because you’ve done something out of the box!

Sunglasses: Not only they protect your eyes from the UV rays of the Sun, but they also make you look cool and handsome. Sunglasses are available in many shades and shapes. Grab them as many as you can and then put them on according to the function. They make every individual look handsome.

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9.Wear what you love
When you wear what you love, it brings a different level of confidence in you and you look much better than before. If it is fitting you perfectly, if you find it cool, then go for it! Don’t care what the world would say about you. It’s you and your style that makes you look different.

Well, these were some tips to make your casual wear cooler. I hope that works. Do leave a comment as your valuable feedback.

Until next time, Happy Styling

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