Maintain Your Lawn- Hire The Tree Arborist In Melbourne

More often than not, maintaining your lawn needs professional tree service from an arborist Melbourne. Arboriculture Australia represents science, art and practice and helps with issues that impact the health and well being of your trees, plants, shrubs and lawns. Arboriculture also encompasses the study of the behaviour of trees and plants under varying conditions. These studies involve comprehending the growth pattern of different plants and trees and the way they respond to environmental conditions. A qualified arborist Melbourne brings a vast amount of knowledge on cultivating plants and trees and arboriculture is the collective name given to various aspects of maintaining a healthy garden. An arborist also attends various training programs to keep himself abreast of many practices and techniques for identifying the type of plants and trees specifically suited for given locations and takes charge of maintaining them in a healthy state. They also bring significant knowledge on use of pest control/insect control measures, potential diseases impacting trees and plants, use of fertilizers, maintenance practices like bracing, cabling, pruning and tree removal equipping him/her to render comprehensive professional tree services to needy customers.

Arborists distinguished from landscapers or horticulturists

There is often a tendency to misunderstand arborists as landscapers or horticulturists. While these professions are distinct, some arborists also undertake work that typically falls within the ambit of horticulture or landscaping.  The services rendered by an arborist can include identification of potential diseases that may impact the trees or plants and instituting measures to ensure their health and maintain the beauty of landscapes or properties to enhance their value with improved aesthetics and maintaining the plants and trees safely with an eye of getting the maximum mileage from the greenery in a given region.

The growing need for Arborists in Australia

Australians have consistently been showing a growing interest in developing and maintaining their gardens with professional help and in turn, this is increasing the demand for qualified arborists in the region. When homeowners entrust the task of maintaining their gardens, lawn maintenance, landscaping to an arborist, the scope of work potentially includes soil survey, species selection, plant advisory, etc. similar to medical practitioners exploring multiple aspects of an individual’s health while diagnosing diseases.

Similarly, some homeowners have large trees in their yard and these could be presenting an element of risk to the property of their neighbours or the environment itself and may need to be removed.  In most Australian jurisdictions an arborist report is essential before removing any diseased/damaged/old tree from the yard.  For a variety of reasons, large trees need to be removed safely, and a qualified arborist can help you with safe methods that also comply with local regulations and rules enacted under Arboriculture Australia.

Importance of lawns

For most homes, a lawn constitutes an essential feature, but keeping it in top shape, and alive, is always a challenge, particularly with drought, water restrictions, rising temperatures and similar constraints.  But, your arborist Melbourne can be of significant help in fighting these challenges and keeping your lawn green and healthy. Unlike gravel or paving a lawn presents a soft, living and water-absorbing surface which cools the garden. Choosing the right type of grass that can thrive even in the absence of water is the way to go. The pain in lawn care can be removed with minimal routine maintenance and you can eliminate the use of chemicals, reduce maintenance expenses, reduce pollution and save water. Soil management is the key to success with your turf and alternatives to the turf, and particularly so the soil preparation and selection of right plant types that suit your garden.  A professional tree service or your arborist Melbourne can effectively address all these issues competently.

Choosing the right lawn

A successful lawn is the product of right grass selection, location and proper maintenance. Turf needs to be cultivated just like most other crops. If you have a poor lawn, it is always easier and economical to replace it than trying to resurrect it. Good maintenance includes paying attention to the soil condition and the turf in equal measure.  Further, it is important that the right type of grass is chosen for Australian conditions. Some of these choices include Queensland blue, Durban, Common couch, saltwater couch or Saltine turf and their cultivars.

Maintaining the lawn

Successful lawns also need regular and planned maintenance including aerating, feeding and mowing. Set your mower at the highest possible limit throughout the year. Leafy growth will help your lawn to smother and keep weeds away. Nourishing the lawn through regular granular feed and organic poultry manure once every quarter across the growing season is also important.

Arborists are of two types

There are two distinct types of arborists – the purist and practical arborist. The purists are those involved more with the aesthetic appeal and enhancing the appeal of gardens through proper pruning of plants and trees. On the other hand, practical arborists focus on power lines, infrastructure etc and also take on tree removal, trimming and pruning of trees on a need basis. Tree removal becomes necessary when your trees are affected by insects, decaying or damaged. Under the Australian jurisdiction, an arborist report is mandatory before removing trees from your yard. This report will deal extensively on different aspects of removing trees.

Occasionally, it may be necessary to remove live branches of trees that obstruct utilities or structures in the neighbourhood or is blocking the sidewalks. New constructions that are coming up can also be another reason for removing the trees. Tree removal also needs special gears and mechanical lifts to be deployed and some tree branches can also involve tree climbing. A qualified arborist can squarely address these issues providing special emphasis on different aspects like employing clippers, saws, shears and similar tools.

Arborists also bring artistic attributes to their profession

Love of Mother Nature is a basic attribute for an arborist and most arborists bring an artistic angle to the assignments they handle. For instance, they can employ multiple techniques in pruning to bring about the artistic element and achieve affable right aesthetics.

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