Luxurious Backyard Design Ideas

Winter is finally over, and sunny days are ahead of us, so what better time to go outside? It’s time to wake up your backyard from its winter slumber and add a touch of luxury to it to celebrate new beginnings, which spring is usually all about. Here, you can let your imagination run wild and create a perfect little sanctuary for you and your family right at your own home. To fully celebrate the rebirth of nature, let’s check out some design trends that are going to be huge this year.
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An outdoor room

This trend combines two very important elements – the comfort of your living room with spending time in nature. Apart from looking incredibly stylish, it also allows you to expand your living space. And remember – a room is so much more than just four walls. So, find sturdy but comfortable outdoor furniture pieces, layer some interesting pillows add a coffee table and a durable outdoor rug to create a perfect area for lounging around and enjoying the fresh air.
Also, there are no strict rules to follow when it comes to style. For example, you can mirror your interior living room style and turn your outdoor room into a literal indoor room expansion, or you can go with something completely different. The choice is entirely up to you.
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A fire pit

Another interesting addition to any backyard, a fire pit, is going to get its moment to shine this year. A fire pit can come in many forms, shapes or sizes. It can be an in-ground fire pit, or it doesn’t even have to be a pit per se. No matter the case, keep in mind that this element will work as an amazing centerpiece in any seating area.
Apart from looking incredibly stylish, a fire pit is also a great source of heat. This means that you won’t have to stop having fun in your backyard as soon as the temperatures drop – on the contrary! Curling up in a blanket next to the fire pit with a good book in one hand a cup of hot cocoa in the other will become your new favorite fall activity, we guarantee it.
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An outdoor spa pool

If none of the aforementioned ideas are luxurious enough for you, check this one out. Pools have been a very popular addition in every backyard since, well, ever and no matter how much time and money you spend on decorating them, they’ve almost become a cliché. However, spa pools are where it’s at this year.
Just imagine coming home after a long day at work and being able to relax in your personal outdoor spa pool. And the best part is that these spa pools come in many different sizes, which means that you can introduce one even in a small backyard.
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An outdoor kitchen and barbecue area

Since this year’s trend is definitely to bring as many indoor elements out as possible, this one shouldn’t surprise you either. Barbecue areas are no longer just small areas with some charcoal, a few dry branches and a grill. Today, they feature high-end appliances that could have once be seen only in sophisticated indoor kitchens.
What’s more, these appliances are most commonly paired with L-shaped kitchen elements and outdoor bars. This trend leaves so much room for creativity when it comes to design since almost all indoor kitchen materials can also be used outdoors.
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Quality lighting solutions

Even though it might not seem so important, this step must not be overlooked. No matter what you choose to implement in your backyard, and no matter how well you style it, without quality lighting, it will all be in vain. Of course, just like you would indoors, you should light up your backyard with energy-efficiency in mind.
Here, you can go either LED or solar, or you can combine the two. LED lights have a much greater illumination power than solar lights, so they will work perfectly in your outdoor kitchen and barbecue area, while solar lights emit a subtle glow perfect for the lounging and spa area.

By implementing some of these ideas into your backyard design you will create a perfectly luxurious place for relaxing and enjoying your own piece of nature with family and friends. So, what are you waiting for? Enough reading, start decorating!

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