Lumo’s Lift ‘stand up straight’


Lumo’s Lift ‘stand up straight’ – a bit like Mom’s favorite sentence

Stand up straight!! My entire life I heard my mum reminding me of my posture, even today and even though I’m all grown up (so I like to think), my mum keeps telling me to stand taller!

Even though I don’t admit it (especially to her), she is right! My posture is terrible and it’s even worse by the end of a normal working day (just imagine what it’s like by the end of super hectic day). Bad posture is a habit and as we know it’s very hard to break a habit.

That’s where Lumo Lift comes in handy. This stylish device is clipped onto your shirt, right below your collarbone using a secure magnetic clasp to track your posture and activity. Using subtle vibrations as feedback, your Lumo Lift will gently vibrate to remind you to straighten up your posture every time you begin to slouch. It also works as an activity-tracking pedometer to count your steps and calories burned.LumoLift2

So ultimately, the tiny magnetic device will detect the curvature at the top of your spine, rather than at the base, and will gently nag you into straightening up.

The different features unable you to get posture coaching, set goals and track your progress.lumo lift

In addition to the square, colored clasps, more feminine jeweled styles are also available that make the clasp appear more like a broach.jewel

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