Lower back is a common complaint and can be very painful and disturbing in carrying out normal activities. Although this can be seen in any individual its more common among the ages 40 and above this is because the body when going through natural aging changes. There are many reasons for lower back pain but most commonly it is due to back injury caused by sudden body movements leading to strains and sprains this can be exacerbated by lack of physical activity and bad posture

Causes of back pain can be herniated disc, arthritis, cancer of the spinal cord, infections of the spine, sciatica and etc. The spine is made of structures called vertebrae which are separated by something called the intervertebral disc, with aging the fluid in between the vertebrae reduces irritating the intervertebral disc this would gradually lead to loosing of the muscle tone in the back leaving one liable to back injury which is why strengthening your back muscles is very important.

Another vital factor is posture, maintain the normal curvature of the spine is very important to reduce the posture-related injuries that may be caused, another often unnoticed thing is the way and on what we sleep. Sometimes the mattress one sleeps may not be really good for the posture. To correct that its best if one could get a mattress topper that takes care of the natural curvature of the spine.


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Results due to the stretch or teat in the back muscle due to intense or sudden activity, present with pain and stiffness and muscle spasms. For this rest and physical therapy helps.

Herniated Disc

A herniated disc is one of the common causes of back pain in aged people, the disc in-between the vertebrae may protrude compressing on the spinal cord andthis results in an excruciating pain lastingfor more than 72 hours. His usually occurs after lifting something heavy or twisting your back. Treatments for this are rest, taking any pain reliever and getting physical therapy


This occurs when the herniated disc compresses on the sciatic nerve which provides for the leg so in this case one can feel pain like pins and needles in the leg and feet. Things that help relieve this are cold therapy where ice pack are placed around the sciatic nerve to numb the nerves, heat therapy to help relieve muscle tension and spasm and over the counter pain killers. Other things that can be done are acupuncture and massage therapy and in case nothing works surgery has to be considered.

Spinal Arthritis

This is the inflammation of the joints in the spinal cord and this can be due to an autoimmunecondition (when your own defence system attacks the body), infection or other condition. Along with pain, there is stiffness and the flexibility of the spine becomes limited making it difficult to turn or bend and whole-body weakness and fatigue. Management of this is with pain relievers, physical therapy and medications targeted at the underlying reason and surgery is recommended when other methods don’t work

Prevent Back Pain with Lifestyle Modification

Doing exercise to strengthen back,quit smoking, eating healthy and practicing proper posture.

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