{Low Calorie Meal Plan}

I am going to give you some low-calorie ingredient substitutions with which you can tweak any and all recipes you love. 


Instead Of… Substitute… Advantage.
Cheese. Paneer. Cheese has a high level of Saturated fat and cholesterol. A 100 gram serving of cheese has 18g of saturated fat and 100 mg of cholesterol compared to 01.7g and 17mg of Paneer.
Sunflower/Corn oil. Extra Virgin Olive oil or even Butter. Frying in polyunsaturates rich sunflower or corn oil generates high levels of aldehydes which have been associated with increased risk of heart-related diseases and cancer.
Oatmeal. Quinoa. Fiber helps weight loss. Quinoa contains 5.20 grams of Fiber per cup and oatmeal 4 grams.


Butter. Avocado Puree. Butter has 717 calories per gram compared to 160 in Avocado.
Cheddar Cheese. Mozzarella Cheese. 402 calories Vs. 280 calories.
White Sauce. Tomato Sauce. The creamy white sauce is heavy in saturated fat and cholesterol. Tomato sauce has minimal impact on your daily intake of fats.
Whole Egg. White of Egg. Remove the yolk and you get rid of 55 calories leaving just 20 calories in the egg white.
Ice Cream. Fat-Free Frozen Yogurt. Fewer calories plus fat and cholesterol free.
Sour Cream. Plain Low Fat Yogurt. 193 calories Vs. 154 calories.
Dairy Milk. Unsweetened Almond Milk. Dairy Milk: Calorie 150g, Sugar 12g, Carbohydrate 12g.  

Almond Milk: Calorie 40g, Sugar 0g, Carbohydrate 1g.  

Rice. Dalia or Broken Wheat Rice. Dalia is high in protein but low in calorie.
White Bread. Whole Wheat Bread. Fiber content is 2.70g Vs. 7g per 100 grams.

Whether it is a low calorie or negative calorie meal plan you are adopting to get rid of any excess weight build around, remember to balance your diet with all-round nutrition.

Please at any cost, do not starve. Starving yourself works reciprocally with your goal. It is bad for your weight and overall health.

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