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A new mother is constantly busy and trying to keep up with the recently discovered way of life. She has no time for herself and especially no time to work on her body. Right? Wrong! It’s hard but it’s not impossible. Excuses seem rather strange for a person who carried a whole new life in her body for nine months. If you could have done that, you can do this to. And it doesn’t have to be that complicated and boring as you may think. Time for new mama to jump into her workout or dancing shoes and move towards a hot-mama body. It’s fun, it’s easy and liberating, so no more excuses. Let’s dive into some of the best fitness regimes for you which, combined with some organic food can give you amazing results.


There is a physical activity there for anybody. So if you’re not a gym person, you can wake up your inner dancing diva and step on the stage. Believe it or not, by regularly dancing (in the comfort of your home or at some classes or parties), you can lose up to 10 pounds in less than 2 months. The best results don’t come without effort, control your calorie intake and dance at least 20 minutes per day 5 times a week. As with any other exercises, warm up for 5 minutes before you start and cool down for the same time.fsdf

Trampoline Fitness

If kids can do it, so can you! A special kind of fitness is on the rise and it’s done with professional instructors at regular classes. It’s not boring and especially, it’s not useless. This exercise regime can help you lose up to 160 calories in just couple of hours. “I have no time for that” shouldn’t be a legitimate excuse, because you can buy your own trampoline for a bargain, and do the jumping in your very own backyard while the baby is napping.


It’s the workout trend threatening to out-dance zumba! This cardiolicious mixture of South African dance, hip hop and step aerobics, will give you the party atmosphere so you are not focused on how hard exercising can be. Don’t worry if you weren’t active for some time, the program is adaptable from low-impact to high-energy, so you’ll be able to move forward and keep record of your progress along the way. If there is the best type of working out for new mothers, we would have to say that it is definitely bokwa.

Cycle karaoke

Riding a bike and singing. Sounds like a charming movie from the 50’s, right? It’s not a movie though; it is your new working out option. It’s the thing you do when in between desire to head to a night club and burn some fat. Cycle karaoke is far from being a booth camp, so don’t observe it as such. It can’t be hard because it doesn’t sound so. It can, however, be efficient. You can control the resistance on your bike, so the decision of the level of difficulty is up to you.

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If you are looking for some even less demanding ways of losing your baby weight, we must disappoint you, because: “There’s no easy way out”. Try going the extra mile with natural organic, even gluten free food, and if you need to have some sweets try guilt free options such as chocolates from Loving Earth. You can work hard and make it as fun as it can be and you will be proud on your success one day.

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