Look Dapper with Button Style Cufflinks

It’s the New Year and it’s time for a new you or just even an updated look. If you have run out of ideas on how to accessorize both for work and for a simple casual Friday night out with friends and colleagues, then you should give a pair of button cufflinks are run for your money. Why? Simply because when styled just right, they could be the perfect accessories to tie your whole ensemble.

Spice up your wardrobe with an Ivy League style ensemble with a button style cufflink. They’re both understated and distinctive, just enough to complete any look and make it appear well put together. Be interesting in your selection of accessories this year.

Here’s how you can look dapper with a pair of novelty cufflinks, button style.

It’s all in the details

Go beyond everyday button cufflinks with one that have patterns or specific details in the inset. When people notice the subtle yet unique design, you’ll definitely get that extra attention you deserve. Plus, it’s also a conversation starter for those long nights when you have to mingle and just have fun. This is also perfect for any black tie events.

Colour and texture

Don’t just stick with the traditional silver cufflinks. Add a dash of colour by experimenting on vibrant stones such as an amber hue Tiger’s Eye that matches perfectly with warm-coloured shirts and suits. The coloured gemstone insets in button style cufflinks adds a detailed texture to upgrade your look for that obvious fashionable statement.

The traditional

If you’re not ready to go out and fully express the stylist in you, then you can always opt for the traditional button style cufflinks. There’s nothing wrong with embracing tradition and just being yourself. Opt for button style novelty cufflinks in simple silver or with mother of pearl old-world gemstones. Traditional style is always a trend.

The hexagon

If a square or rectangular button style cufflink is too bland for you, then modernised your look with a modified shape. The perfect shape for this is the hexagon. Why? It’s both a classic button style but has been updated for the new generation. It’s round enough for a button style feel yet a bit different.

Go bold!

If your personality screams boldness and daring, then a round cufflink with added accents is the perfect accessory for you. Add a little more boldness and pattern and colour with enamel colours or gemstone that are either handpainted, tiled or novelty. An Ivy League look doesn’t have to look too drab.

Regardless of if you’re a traditionalist or a modernist, you can never go wrong with a pair of button style cufflinks. Take your look to the next level in 2018 by adding a dash of style.

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