People are always searching for unique, romantic, places to vacation, or just get away for the weekend. There are some fantastic destinations on short cruises that are becoming very popular for couples, singles, and families. The opportunity to take a weekend cruise is offered at many ports around the world.

It does not have to be a long voyage for it to be an enjoyable one. setting sail for a weekend of fun or passion is an excitingly overwhelming adventure for everyone who enjoys the ocean air and the breathtaking and beautiful blue-green water. Whether it is the whole weekend, two days and two nights, or just a day trip, it will be a magical experience.

Lunch cruises

Take someone special for an unforgettable lunch cruise in the middle of the day. This will add a special spark to any romance. You can charter your own cruise, or join others as you sail off with the spectacular harbour as your backdrop. Enjoy cocktails and drinks of your choice while listening to music that will add to enhancing the mood of the day.

Dinner cruises

Nothing can be more romantic than taking a dinner cruise, and having your meal while watching being mesmerized by the lights glistening over the ocean waters as you cruise through the Sydney Harbour in Australia at night. The lights of the city in the background appear to come alive during the evening hours.

The Harbour Bridge is also in view adding to the magic of the moment. Experience the best in delectable meals that are prepared by expert chefs and served by courteous waiters providing a dinner adventure that will be unforgettable. The Sydney Princess Cruise Lines also offers a myriad of drinks from the bar.

Party cruises in the middle of the ocean

The Sydney Princess Cruise Line provides party cruises to celebrate any occasion. From children’s birthday parties, wedding parties, adult parties, or office get-togethers, the fun never stops on the party cruises. You can be yourself on the weekend getaway in the middle of the ocean.

Buck’s party cruises are a day or night cruises with the Sydney Harbour providing the scenic nightlife or day view. There will be unlimited entertainment, drinks, and a variety of phenomenal food. Sydney, Australia is well known for the many days, night, and weekend cruises around the city from the Sydney Harbour.

Cruising aboard the various boats in Sydney Harbour


Taking a weekend cruise in the middle of the ocean aboard the many boats that sail the Sydney Harbour is an adventure as well as a memorable event. The boats are different in size and design, but all are accommodating to people with different preferences. Sit in the ocean aboard the smaller My Ocean Blue, or the slightly larger My Jerry Bailey.


There is also My Blue Room and My Vagabond. These boats are made for fun and excitement on the ocean. My Sydney has all of the qualities of a luxury liner but also has a very intimate environment. They make enjoying a weekend getaway simple and easy. You can find all the information when you visit website to get more details.


Taking a long weekend getaway in the middle of the ocean is a great way to enhance a romance, get rid of the stress of work, or just to have some much needed alone time. Visiting the venues that surround the water for a short trip will renew vitality, and will uplift the spirit of those who feel depresses. Weekend trips can be taken whenever the body feels it is necessary.


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