The Himalayan salt lamp can create a beautiful ambience at your place. The amazing pink light of a Himalayan salt lamp can be an attractive addition to your home. These lamps help you sleep more soundly as well as boost mood creating a relaxing ambience in the room.

Apart from serving as a piece for interior decor, they have diverse benefits for health and the environment. Let us discuss some of them in brief.

The salt lamps have natural ionizers which balances electromagnetic radiations. Electrical appliances present at our homes release ions that increases electromagnetic radiations which causes fatigue and weakens the immune system. Himalayan salt lamp helps to reduce these radiations.

Likewise Himalayan salt tea light is a natural air ionizer that effectively boosts the number of negative ions neutralizing the radiation effect in the room. Although, salt lamps heating the salt crystals with the bulb installed inside the lamp additional enhance the effect of ionization.

These salt lamps attract allergens, toxins and pollutants to their surface from air. This helps in keeping the air clean and filtered. People suffering from diseases like asthmas or any other breathing related issues can be reduced.

So, the three major benefits of using Himalayan salt lamp are:

  • They help in improving the quality of air
  • They can boost your mood and hence increase the energy level.
  • The dim pink light creates a relaxing ambience that helps a person to sleep peacefully.
  • Helps in reducing the skin allergies by cleaning the environment.

In the infographic below you will briefly explore the health benefits of using Himalayan salt lamp.

himalayan salt tea light

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