Light and Beautiful: Bridal Fashion For Your Beach Wedding

Let’s face it – summer truly is the perfect backdrop for a wedding, especially if you are planning on choosing a beach as your wedding venue. There is something so romantic and wonderful about exchanging vows in lovely beach settings while listening to the sounds of the ocean, feeling the fresh breeze on your face and soaking up warm, summer sunbeams. It is all fun and games until it comes to choosing the perfect wedding dress that will be a cherry on top, for your wedding day and not complicate things.

Check the weather and itinerary

The first thing you should do before organizing and traveling to your beach wedding is, obviously, to check the weather. The best advice we can share is: leave your amazing black dress aside and opt for light colors and well, flats! If you have to walk down the street to the beach, it is a probability that there will be cobbles on the street so it is better to either wear flats or wedge heels that you feel comfortable in.

Make it fun and comfortable

When it comes to a beach wedding, usually some general rules do apply. But if you are a bit of an alternative bride you can pretty much do whatever you want because well, a beach is not a typical wedding venue and therefore make the most of it and make it unforgettable.

Popular Hawaiian beach wedding – keep it simple

So, you’ve decided to tie the knot (congrats!) and chose Hawaii as your wedding venue and now you are ready to hear some tips about do’s and don’ts when choosing your wedding attire. Well, keep in mind that it’s going to be, warm, sunny and sandy so you should follow the less is more rule and consider lightweight materials for your dress. And don’t forget to offer your guest some wedding flip-flops to wear during the ceremony!

The best option is to choose simple spaghetti strap, strapless or one shoulder midi dress made of airy materials such as silk, linen or thin cotton and to focus on the light color palette. Keep it simple, forget the shoes and be barefoot during the ceremony on the beach. It is the perfect opportunity to wear shiny wedding anklets and toe rings.

Opt for a country’s traditional ceremony

Consider opting for a traditional (when speaking of) Hawaiian ceremony where the bride wears a loose white gown – Holoku and crown of flowers called Haku instead of a veil while the groom is all in white with just a touch of color, often red around his waist. Wow, wouldn’t that be awesome! Whether you are organizing a beach wedding in Hawaii, somewhere in Indonesia, or for example on a secluded beach in Australia or Greece you should stick with light and bright or opt for a traditional, authentic wedding attire that will certainly make your wedding unique!

A romantic escape calls for a romantic dress

If you want to avoid all the hustle and bustle and have a stress-free wedding ceremony just for the two of you, well, a romantic elopement is the best solution. Make sure to prepare yourself for the destination of your elopement wedding, because you are still a bride and you should get all dolled up for your big day. Let emotions lead the way and find inspiration in a faraway destination – wear a flowery maxi dress and flower crown during your intimate Australian ceremony, your romantic escape.

Alternative bridal fashion

Another great option that can replace a traditional white wedding gown is a colorful (ankle length) jumpsuit with cut out back. Opt for a strong colored airy material and combine with some animal printed sandals and put an accent on the jewelry. Or if you really want to put your comfort first, opt for swimsuit wedding attire. It is a combination of a swimsuit with a lacey kimono/robe over it that you can take off after the ceremony and enjoy the feeling of sun on your skin. Or go for a quick marital swim with your spouse!

Follow these simple tips to make the perfect wedding outfit for your beach wedding. Remember, keep it simple and light, and focus on having fun with your loved one and your family and closest friends.

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