Life’s Ups and Downs | Horoscope for Week of March 28 – April 1

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Use your Sun, Moon, and Ascendant to read your personal horoscope:

Aries – After a slow beginning the week speeds up with a great demand for your ideas that expand the potential for all concerned. You recognize that you are able to significantly impact the lives of others, but unfortunately this is dampened by a power struggle that triggers a passionate response. Even though you may feel your opinions are being suppressed it’ll be best if you control the flow of any ensuing discussions and try to not take it personally. But it is, you say? The change that you resist might be the change you are looking for. You’ll by fine with how this evolves and be ready for a weekend with friends by the end of the week.

Taurus – After an intense weekend, this week adds to your thoughts about life’s deepest concerns. Trust this process and where it takes you. It’s vital to consider the what’s in the shadows so that it can be brought into the light. You are tremendously intuitive all week and you instantly get what others are really up to. What they’re doing isn’t because of you. You’ll need to watch your unconscious response that you need to fix everything and give more to make it alright. You are enough! Watch that you don’t push others to get on board with your ideas mid-week. Use your powerful focus to explore your own feelings and give yourself the very special attention you need and deserve.

Gemini – It may seem repetitive at this point, but relationships are still very much a focus in your life right now. Work and relationships demands keep you busy. Sleep on a idea that a partner suggests Monday. You’ll be clear on what action you want to take by Tuesday, but may find that they want more! You have great insight into how humans interact. What you need to pay closer attention to is the question of whether you are fully valuing your contribution to the whole? Midweek it may seem that you need to do more and more to satisfy some. This is an opportunity for you do find the defining line of what you can and cannot give. Others need to meet you half way. By the end of the week you privately discover many epiphanies that clarify what to do next.

Cancer – While you’re working on the details, you receive some much-appreciated recognition for your diligence. You don’t stop to rest on your laurels, though. Instead, by mid-week you are even more driven by the realization of how much others need you. You dive into researching a new elementthat piques your interest to incorporate that you are determined to understand. In your drive for accomplishment, consider that life is never left out of balance. Are you spending the time you’d like on your personal relationships? Your work is noble and endearing, and you will succeed with your identified goals. But by Friday there’ll be emotional adjustments you need to make with the realization your life and your important relationships are changing.

Leo – Your higher mind is engaged with the patterns of life to discern what the underlying Truth is. You’re incorporating your discoveries into new ideas to bring this to life for others. Monday might bring some confusion to light: what others think you are saying versus what you intended. This experience drives you to find new ways to express your points. By Wednesday an issue arises with resources that depend on external funds. You might be in an uncomfortable position of having to prove what you already demonstrated. This may ignite a personal mandate to change your agreements so that you can depend on different resources moving forward. New options will be clear by Friday, along with a special someone.

Virgo – Your home, your offspring or creations, and your partnerships all need very intense attention this week. Monitor your intense feelings on Monday and what you think is going on. You’re more emotional than normal. Take heart that you may find this was an opportunity the next day! By Wednesday you may feel drained by the demands of your direct relationships. They may all seem needy, all at once. There may also be a problem with your child or a snag in a creative project that needs more attention. By Friday you are relieved to figure out how to create permanent solutions for the stresses of the week.

Libra – An important week unfolds for you. Early in the week you may have some fresh new ideas from others that arise from an event or communications close to home. Mid-week clients may require extra attention that could stress your health by feeling you aren’t fulfilling their needs. You have needs too and you’ll feel them once you return to your home and inner space to absorb your reflections. Your attention in your service to others has been intense for over a month now. Share your impressions with a partner or friend who may have brilliant insight into how you can find a remedy for the exhaustion you may be feeling. A new month with a new approach begins Friday.

Scorpio – You may have tension early in the week about your financial resources. As careful as you are, you are tempted by expenses that aren’t necessary. Focus instead on what you can get done. There are a lot of work projects that need your undivided attention. Your children and romantic partner may also need a lot of your energy. You can find balance by setting limits and working within that structure. Plan out the week. Schedule each day. This will help with the unplanned surprises that come up related to a contract or previous agreement you were counting on. Trust yourself to plan what you can and let nothing take you off your center. You’ll have many insights from the week to help you visualize the future even more clearly.

Sagittarius – The week begins with a challenge to your perception about how expansion in your career is affecting your home or inner life. A solution arises by Tuesday that enlightens your perspective, but not everyone agrees with it. Watch your words midweek as you can easily say something that reflects your passions and not your refined opinions. Notice what you’re feeling and take it for what it is — your buried emotions on the matter. Any conflict really about you and what’s changing in the way you see yourself. If you’re feeling controlled by others, think about whether you were initially attempting to control the situation. By Thursday you feel freer to express your boundless energy, which is vital for you now.

Capricorn – Your unconscious is being stirred. You might feel conflicted about working from home or finding an excuse to get out of something so that you can enjoy the comfort of your home. Your home and inner world is important to you this week. It’s where you can think and strategize for the future. There are still pressures there too. Maybe your community involvement is so demanding that you don’t have time to be at home like you’d like to and you feel as if you are neglecting your home life. There might be a repair of something that suddenly comes up that you need to work out peacefully. More changes are coming up with your home. You’ll get a better glimpse of what that is by the end of the week.

Aquarius – You might be feeling some social tension early in the week. Look into what the feelings are that relate back to your self-esteem. You’re driven to get past this vulnerability, but it’s more subtle than you think. Writing or some form of expression will help you understand the underlying currents by Tuesday. Lock up any journaling that you want to keep private because you might feel exposed on Wednesday by something that catches you off guard. Try to consciously respond from your thoughts instead of using anger as a defense. It may seem like your expenses are going up and everything is being tested. Good news is by the end of the week you can negotiate a loan or agreement that boosts your resources.

Pisces – Your week starts in an active way in the world. You may not be sure exactly what you want to express, but there is a lot of emotion behind whatever you project. By the end of Monday you’ll be glad you were present. Encouraging news may evolve from this on Tuesday. Be gentle with yourself on Wednesday as you may wonder how much more can you endure. Turn to your infinite resources for comfort while you feel unsupported here on Earth. There is a reason you are being pushed to the seeming end. You have other options that will support you that you have to ask for. Possibilities open up by the end of the week that bring you great hope – maybe through a friend or organization that loves you.

Aspects for March 28:
  • Moon enters Sagittarius at 11:46am PDT (Sunday)/7:46pm GMT/6:46am AEST
  • Moon in Sagittarius conjunct Mars at 1:12pm PDT/9:12pm GMT/8:12am AEST
  • Moon in Sagittarius trine Sun in Aries at 5:11pm PDT/1:11am GMT/12:11pm AEST
  • Moon in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces at 8:49pm PDT/4:49am GMT/3:49pm AEST
Aspects for March 29:
  • Moon in Sagittarius trine Mercury in Aries at 5:56am PDT/1:56pm GMT/12:56am AEST
  • Moon in Sagittarius square Jupiter in Virgo at 6:55am PDT/2:55pm GMT/10:55am AEST
  • Moon in Sagittarius conjunct Saturn at 8:18am PDT/4:18pm GMT/3:18am AEST
  • Moon in Sagittarius trine Uranus in Aries at 3:02pm PDT/11:02pm GMT/10:02am AEST
  • Moon in Sagittarius square Venus in Pisces at 6:55pm PDT/2:55am GMT/1:55pm AEST
  • Moon void-of-course in Sagittarius at 6:55pm PDT/2:55am GMT/1:55pm AEST
  • Moon in Sagittarius square Chiron in Pisces at 7:36pm PDT/3:36am GMT/2:36pm AEST
  • Mercury in Aries trine Saturn in Sagittarius at 8:02pm PDT/4:02am GMT/3:02pm AEST
Aspects for March 30:
  • Venus in Pisces conjunct Chiron at 2:08am PDT/10:08am GMT/9:08pm AEST
  • Mercury in Aries square Pluto at 7:53am PDT/3:53pm GMT/2:53am AEST
  • Moon enters Capricorn at 10:45am PDT/6:45pm GMT/5:45am AEST
Aspects for March 31:
  • Moon in Capricorn square Sun in Aries (Last Quarter Moon) at 8:17am PDT/4:17pm GMT/3:17am AEST
  • Moon in Capricorn sextile Neptune in Pisces at 7:00am PDT/3:00pm GMT/2:00am AEST
  • Mercury in Aries conjunct Uranus at 1:49pm PDT/9:49pm GMT/8:49am AEST
  • Moon in Capricorn trine Jupiter at 3:57pm PDT/11:57pm GMT/10:57am AEST
  • Moon in Capricorn conjunct Pluto at 7:37pm PDT/3:37am GMT/2:37pm AEST
Aspects for April 1:
  • Moon in Capricorn square Uranus in Aries at 12:20am PDT/8:20am GMT/7:20pm AEST
  • Moon in Capricorn square Mercury at 2:13am PDT/10:13pm GMT/9:13am AEST
  • Moon in Capricorn sextile Chiron at 4:39am PDT/12:39pm GMT/11:39pm AEST
  • Moon in Capricorn sextile Venus in Pisces at 9:39am PDT/5:39pm GMT/4:39am AEST
  • Moon void-of-course in Capricorn at 9:39am PDT/5:39pm GMT/4:39am AEST
  • Moon enters Aquarius at 6:37pm PDT/2:37am GMT/1:37pm AEST
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