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Lunar Eclipses illumine the parts of life that need to be nurtured or released. The bluntly frank energy of Aries demands that you be clear about your life direction.

Your planetary family is lining up to make sure you know that disempowerment doesn’t serve you. Your true power requires you to be honest about how you’re holding on to lies.

Chiron conjunct the South Node, demonstrates the difference between compassion and codependence. How can we heal the world and release the enormous pain that’s pulsing around the globe? It’s hard to share your loving heart if you’re mired in someone else’s limiting story.

Jupiter in Virgo square Saturn in Sagittarius questions what you’re committed to. Are you creating a life that you love or are you just getting through the day?

Jupiter is already retrograde and Saturn will turn retrograde Friday and will dig up and correct any limitations that are holding you back from fulfilling your highest purpose. How are you getting in your own way?

Balancing Moon in Libra brings a harmonizing focus to this Full Moon. As the only Air sign in the sky, Libra opens your mind to consider differing points of view so that you can discover what’s true for you.

Lots of questions, I know. Just remember that where your attention goes, energy flows! You are more powerful than you probably imagined.

Use your Sun, Moon, and Ascendant to read your personal horoscope.

Aries – You’re full of vitality and have a great sense of purpose. You’re more aware of yourself in relationship with others and feel more popular and appreciated, even though it may sometimes be a balancing act. Match your vision with the details to fully manifest your dream.

Taurus – You’re very sensitive to everything going on around you in this chaotic world. Restore your peace by finding time to rest your mind and body. There may be some disenchantment with a group goal that you don’t feel aligned with. You’ll recognize the next best steps as your reflect on your deepest purpose.

Gemini – Your tribe surrounds you and looks to you for leadership. Your inner awareness is reflected in so many beautiful friendships. Share what’s on your mind. Anything you say will express your approach to life in a way that makes others smile. Ambivalent about your visible success? If you’re doing good, what’s the problem?!

Cancer – You’re feeling more certain about your authority to make a contribution to the world by coming from your center of digested wisdom. You’re comfortable continuing to work hard on your projects knowing that you’re making a difference and it’s a creative outlet that makes you happy.

Leo – With your mind open to new information, you’re finding the missing pieces of life’s mysterious puzzle and creating your own philosophy based on your journey. So much questioning can create anxiety and distract you from what you seek. Trust that your truth is being revealed to you and it will create hope for others.

Virgo – You’re confronting some fears head on and getting to the root of concerns that have been affecting your sense of self-worth. Recognize that there’s more love surrounding you than you might have considered. As you become more self-assured, interpersonal relationships will become an increasing source of strength and support.

Libra – You prefer to partner with others right now. Collaboration brings you joy and you see how it reveals unconsidered parts of you. You may see how you overdo it sometimes in your effort to be perfect. Review and release old patterns of thinking you need to always be available to people to be worthy.

Scorpio – You might be feeling some pressure to clear up some details in your life. You’re finding the balance between overachieving and neglecting the specifics. In your pursuit of perfection, focus on each element that makes up the whole goal. Only you can keep you from your full expression. No one else.

Sagittarius – You’ll capture the attention of whomever you entertain. Explore all opportunities that allow you to express your tremendous creative energy that’s bursting forth like a volcanic fire. Just you being you inspires others to be themselves too. Don’t worry about whether this will last. It’ll lead to the next best thing.

Capricorn – You’re feeling a pull between your own needs and the outer world that leans on your leadership. Communication is key to finding balance. You’re finding a way to uphold what’s important to you while meeting the needs of your reputation. What’s in the best interest of everyone concerned?

Aquarius – You’ve drifted off to a world of your dreams. Observe what you see and communicate it to others in your community. Your growing curiosity will take you on a journey of discovery that will stimulate interests that may have been dormant for a while. This is something you definitely value.

Pisces – Where are your resources? Your instincts are strong and you’re examining who you’re involved with and what they offer your life. You’re in a phase of intense personal development. Appreciate the good and move on from what doesn’t serve you. You’ll have the opportunity to show others how they can do the same.

Today’s Aspects:
  • Moon enters Libra at 10:23pm PDT (Tuesday)/6:23am GMT/5:23pm AEST
  • Jupiter square Saturn at 3:15am PDT/11:15am GMT/10:15pm GMT
  • Moon opposite Mercury at 4:11am PDT/12:11pm GMT/11:11am AEST
  • Libra Lunar Eclipse at 4:47am PDT/12:47pm GMT/11:47am AEST
  • Moon opposite Sun (Full Moon) at 5:01am PDT/1:01pm GMT/12:01am AEST
  • Moon sextile Mars at 9:33am PDT/5:33pm GMT/4:33am AEST
  • Sun conjunct Mercury at 1:11pm PDT/9:11pm GMT/8:11am AEST
  • Chiron conjunct South Node at 10:12pm PDT/5:12am GMT/4:12pm AEST
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