Let’s Talk About the New Normal with N95 Masks

What is new normal?

To know the new normal, we should first discuss the normal. So before the COVID pandemic hit everyone globally our lives were quite normal as we were living the life without any norms. There wasn’t any lockdown and hand sanitization and wearing the masks. Out there everything was so normal, people were able to visit places and social gatherings were like a part of everyday living. But then after the pandemic hit severely to the whole world, the living norms changed for everyone and now the chill out parties in the clubs, vacations to our favorite locations, everything that was a part of the world before COVID has totally changed and there are new norms which is known as new normal. Now this new normal includes wearing a face masks every time while going out, sanitizing hands avoid gathering in numbers etc.

Wearing face masks as a new normal routine.

Besides all the other changes that COVID has brought with it, wearing a face masks while going out in public has become a quite a necessity for everyone to prevent entering the virus into our body. Also people are accepting it as a part of their fashion and life style as mask with various prints and even match for their suitable dresses are available in the market out there. There are lot of innovations has been seen so far in the designing of the face masks. There are various patterns in masks are available in the local markets as we all as the on the online platforms. Some popular face masks which are critical in fighting with the virus are N95 mask and KN95 mask, etc.

What is N95 mask?

Well the N95 mask are not new in the race, they were designed in the USA and were already in use at the mining and archeological sites as it was helpful to prevent the thinnest dust particles entering our mouth and nostrils and also it was helpful for better respiration as well. The term sounds quite technical to one as why it is known as the same. The agency behind the design of these masks is NIOSH an industry expert in designing face masks and other preventive equipment in the field of industries, construction and painting. The organization has designed various series such as N, R and T with various models named in numeric.

  • How effective are these masks in fighting the Corona virus?

When the whole world is fighting against the virus and is trying the tools to survive this pandemic, facial masks have  become the basic and most effective tool in preventing the virus. A lot of patterns in the masks are available but besides the entire name N95 masks attracted the attention globally. As per accumed.com, these masks are able to prevent 95% of the airborne particles to enter the mouth and nasal entrance. Also these masks are working well with the respiration part.

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