Let There Be Light: Ways to Embrace the Warmer Weather


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With summer in its full blaze of glory, there’s no better time to turn your attention to your home’s interior and optimise your property for the hot weather.

From packing away winter blankets to switching up your bedding choices, today’s post is bringing you plenty of tips to freshen up your home and make the most of the pleasant temperatures and light evenings this season.

Embrace natural light

Cleaning your windows is the first step towards welcoming the sun into your home this summer – as dirty and streaked windows won’t allow you to enjoy the best of the British weather. If you’re still keen to keep the sun at bay, blackout blinds are the perfect way to limit the light without the need for heavy curtains.

As the lighter nights stretch out, tidy away the scented candles associated with colder months and invite natural light into your home. Pastel-coloured voiles are perfect for keeping your windows covered while still allowing the sunshine to filter through, and can easily be swapped for more seasonally appropriate curtains later in the year.

Let your bedroom breathe

With the sun setting much later in the day and streaming through our windows earlier than we might like, ensuring you get a solid amount of sleep is crucial in the summer – and this means making sure your bedroom is primed to deal with the change in seasons.

From cool touch pillows to climate control duvets, taking steps to ensure you’re able to sleep during the uncomfortably warm summer evenings means you can fully appreciate the season and everything that comes with it.

Tidy away heavy materials

From cosy throws to cushioned carpets, winter is the perfect time of year for bringing out chunky materials and wrapping up indoors. However, as the sun’s rays continue to bathe Britain, now’s the time to pack away heavy blankets and let your rooms breathe.

While woolen carpets might have earned your favour in wintertime, if you’re looking for a way to overhaul your interior that won’t cost the earth, pull up your tired carpets to expose natural solid wood flooring, and then accessorise with lightweight, neutral rugs for a classy finish.

Curate a cool bathroom

Making your bathroom an easy-to-use, ergonomic space during periods of hot weather isn’t necessarily the first thing you’ll think of, but a well-attuned bathroom will pay dividends in the long run. Upgrading your shower head to a more powerful model will mean improved pre-bed cold showers for hot weather sleeping, while a superior ventilation system will keep the room cooler and less humid – both vital considerations in the sticky heat we’ve been having.

The point above regarding letting the space breathe can apply to bathrooms, too. Swap out heavy blinds for a lighter option and crack open the window to encourage air circulation, especially when you’re having a warm shower in the morning.

Spruce up the garden

With the warmer weather proving promising, it’s a great time to pay attention to your garden. Whether you’re working with a small yard or acres of lawn, you’ll want to get your outdoor area in order ahead of the summer months.

As home-cooked dinners and nights indoors give way to impromptu barbecues and evenings watching the sunset, your garden will become the most popular part of your home. With a touch of TLC, you can turn this often neglected area of your property into an enviable summer haven – perfect for entertaining friends and making the most of the British summertime.

Image source: Unsplash

We hope this post has proven that you needn’t spend big to transform your home from quaint and cosy to bright and airy this summer – just indulge your own creativity and get started today!

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