Lehenga Saree A Traditional Indian dress

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The lehenga undoubtedly has become a fashion statement these days and is in huge demand all over the world. It this aspect that has been compelling people to question as to what is the story all about lehenga.

Its evolution

It is regarded to be a garment, which is draped around the waist, more or like a skirt. But, generally it is of ankle length and is said to have its early origin during the Mughal period. As Mughals invaded the India, their style of clothing is said to have become prevalent in the society. The queens were said to be wear long skirt type called lehenga that was accompanied with dupatta and choli and fully decked up beautiful and heavy ornaments. Back then, it was regarded to be a dress for the high society.

Women and girls of those days, preferred to use lehengas for their day to day wear. However, over period of time, its simplicity and easy to wear aspects, combined with variety and beauty is what has made it to the fashion world, where it was given much more combinations to have its popularity spread across the globe. Moreover, this attire is left largely for special occasions like Mahendi and the like. Lehengas are worn by both urban and rural people in their everyday life. In short, it can be termed to be an elegant garment, which is generally worn with dupatta (like a shawl) and choli (like a top or skirt). Indian women simply love to wear different types of cloths, ranging from salwar kameez to saree. But it is the lehenga that tends to hold a very special place among all Indian garments.

With the whole world getting globalized, traditional Indian attires are being applauded everywhere. Traditional Indian dresses are not just popular within the length and breadth of the country, but also all over the world.

Different drapes

In South India, when a girl becomes a teen, she is draped with silk lehenga for celebrating the occasion among friends, relatives and family. It is known as langa or pavada. In northern India, weddings are incomplete without use of lehengas. Here it is called ghagra or lehenga. In east India, traditional Mekhla is worn, which is similar to wrap around and also is quite exquisite in design. Lehengas come in all budget, colors, patterns and designs thereby providing the individual with a whole range of choice to pick from, depending on their individual preferences, body structure, looks, budget and taste.

Flowing future

These days, lehenga of all types, like the Fish Cut, etc has become a day to day preference among women. Rather than wearing heavy embroidered kinds, women love to wear cotton skirts. They feel comfortable in it and wear it along with choli or tee. Also, they can make use of stylish stole for covering it and to have accessories for fitting the contemporary style.

One can easily buy lehenga sarees online and enjoy the different varieties that is available to meet their specific requirements and moods.

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