“Trends come and go, and style evolves. It’s important to have pieces of jewellery that are timeless and look chic despite   fashions.” Each and every special occasion is incomplete without jewelleries and not just special occasion Indian housewives wear it in daily use, which shows that we are so much in love with our ornaments and love to wear it in daily usage. History says that jewellery is the most important part of a woman life. As the time passed and the civilization dawned, the importance of wearing jewelleries changed from person to person and nation to nation. For an instance, we Indians believe that having a good collection of jewelleries symbolizes power, good status and immense wealth of the owner. But, in today’s time apart from status, it symbolizes a fashion statement. Do you too wish to buy gold jewellery which suits you and define your style statement? Then let’s see 22K gold jewelleries available according to your statement and fashion sense.

Bracelet and Bangles:

There are a wide range of Bracelets and bangles available online. Right from the collection of Bangles wore by Aishwarya Rai in Jodha-Akbar to the daily soap opera heroines there is a market of 22K gold bangles available on a click.Now bangles are availabe in diffrerent varities and prices like gold bangles in 10 grams and 20 grams.The tinkling sound of bangles is surely satisfying and moreover, it adds a complete look to your dress whether it is Indian or Indo-western look, wearing a bangles or bracelet completes the look of a woman.

Types of Bangles and Bracelets available online:

        Era Uncut Diamond Gold Bangle

        Stylish Kerala Gold Bangle

        Gold Emerald Bangles

        Uncut Bangle with Ruby Stones

        Trendy Ornate Bride Gold Bangles

        Red & Green Enameled Daily Wear Gold Bangles

        Stone Studded Mayur Peacock Gold Bangle

        Gold Plated Twin Peacock Design Kada


From small studs to large drops (Jhumkas) there are each and every type of 22K gold earrings available online. The range is fit to the pocket but it varies from the size and quality of the piece. 

Types of Earrings available:




        Ear Cuffs


Women are more interested in necklace like gold long necklace designs in 30 grams or 20 grams But The married women wears Mangalsutra  symbolizes feelings of love and commitment between the married couple. There are different types of mangalstura available in 22K Gold such as:

Mangalsutra designs available:

  1. Tamilian Gold mangalsutra
  2. Kashmiri
  3. Bihari
  4. Kerela
  5. Sindhi
  6. Karnataka
  7. Telugu
  8. Maharashtrian
  9. Gujarati
  10. Marwadi


Without this, there is always an incomplete look on an ethnic outfit with the right accessories. It gives you a sensual elegance and since centuries it has ruled over woman’s fashion world with its beautiful designs and completely elegant look.

Types of Kamarbandh available:

  1. Typical south Indian style gold kamarbandh
  2. Kundan kamarbandh
  3. Pearl studded Gold Kamarbandh
  4. Single layered Kamarbandh
  5. Multi-layered Gold Kamarbandh

These are the varieties that are available on a click. You can choose from the given websites and it will give you all the varieties that you want. Make sure that, all the products are certified and all of the above websites are secure and no frauds are done until now in terms of deliveries. 

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