Some people enjoy shopping around for gifts, while others are not that keen on it. It can also often happen that you simply didn’t have time at all to think about what you should get for the person in question. But don’t worry! Nowadays, it’s really not that difficult to find amazing and thoughtful gifts even at the last minute, whatever the occasion might be. With all the possibilities on the internet being at your fingertips, you can surprise your loved ones with ease! So, let’s see some of the best last-minute gifts you can consider.

Gift cards

In the 21st century, gift cards are everyone’s best friends when it comes to shopping for gifts. They are a great option not only when you’re short on time and just want to check this task off your to-do list, but also when you’re not sure what the person likes or already has. This way, both of you will be happy and satisfied in the end. You have virtually unlimited options here.

Some of the most popular options include iTunes or Google Play gift cards which are handy if you know the person uses their smartphone a lot. In that case, chances are they could easily find a place to spend the amount you select for the gift card, as it can be used for any kind of in-app purchase and subscription, as well as buying music, movies etc. through various services. Just make sure beforehand whether you’re dealing with an Apple or Android person!

You can also get the person a gift card for any clothing, book or drugstore they often shop at and you can be sure they will be more than happy. If they have a favourite brand, a voucher for their online store is another perfect idea.


It can hardly be argued that flowers are perfect for any occasion. They can send a message few other gifts can. Here, too, you have so many options that you don’t have to worry about finding the right one. You can go to a nearby flower shop and pick out any potted plant or flower that you like.

If you want to make it more interesting, a small bonsai tree is a truly eye-catching choice. Orchids are another beautiful option many people love thanks to their unique shape. They come in all colours of the rainbow, each of which is truly eye-catching. You can also include a little care guide, as these plants can be a little picky. If, on the other hand, you’re not so sure the recipient has a green thumb, low-maintenance plants are the way to go. Succulents, too, come in many shapes and colours and they are very easy to take care of. Choose a unique planter to go with it – maybe a metallic one or one with an interesting shape – and your gift is ready.

Another way to give someone flowers without the fuss of having to go to a flower shop is by opting for ordering them online. By choosing a company specializing in flower delivery in Sydney, you can surprise your loved one with fresh cut flowers without having to worry about them wilting. It’s a nice gesture that will surely put a smile on their face!

Subscription boxes

The idea of subscription boxes suddenly started to gain a lot of attention a couple of years ago, and today, there is hardly any hobby or interest you can’t find a subscription box for. So, think about what the recipient is passionate about. Is it fashion? Or beauty? Do they have an interest in comic books? Do they like trying new food and spices? Or are they an avid coffee lover? There are numerous subscription boxes for all of them! From fitness through stationery to art, books, toys and everything you can imagine, all you have to do is choose one. Many of them also offer the option of giving the box as a gift, which makes this choice even more perfect. The company will basically choose the products instead of you, and both you and the recipient will be surprised – after all, that’s why these boxes are so immensely popular.

Homemade goodies

If you have a free evening, you can also consider giving something truly personal and thoughtful as a gift. Choose a recipe – it doesn’t have to be a complicated one – and bake some cookies or cupcakes! They are very easy and quick to make even if you’re not experienced, but everyone loves them. If you don’t feel confident, you can also get pre-made cookie dough or cupcake mix and simply just bake them. Afterwards, you can decorate the cookies to make them more personal. If you get some nice boxes, you can package them as if they came from a professional bakery, and you’re done!

An e-reader

So many people who love reading today have to cut back on this hobby of theirs due to lack of time. If your loved one is also a book lover but they don’t even have any more space on their shelves, an e-reader might be the perfect gift for them. It will allow them to take hundreds of books with them wherever they go and read whenever they have time, in addition, it won’t take up any more space in their home. The price of these devices ranges from about $100 and up, but there are many models to choose from.

DIY gifts

Finally, if it’s too late to go out shopping and looking around, you can also put your creative side to the test and create a unique gift yourself. You can make a nice typography poster with a motivational quote, or if you know how to paint, you can make a simple yet stunning art piece they can hang on their wall. There are easy bath product DIYs too you can try if you get the ingredients beforehand, such as a delicious-looking sugar scrub, or bath bombs everyone seems to love so much. The best thing about these is that you can personalize them entirely: choose a scent you know the recipient loves and you can’t go wrong with some DIY!


Gift shopping can be a chore, especially when you don’t have time. These gift ideas for lazy shoppers should have you covered no matter the occasion!

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