Laser Skin Resurfacing – What Makes it Unique

Laser skin resurfacing is the use of laser devices to correct any skin condition that may be affecting your physical appearance in a negative way. Not all the conditions are treatable by lasers anyway. You can use either ablative or non-ablative laser. Each has its own advantage and disadvantages as we shall see later but in all laser skin resurfacing stands out among the many options available.

To know the options we are talking about; we are going to outline a few of them. These include:

Dermal fillers

These are injectable implants or tissue fillers that make the skin smooth by either adding on the volume or activating new collagen cells.


It is the use of a radio frequency emitting device to provide heat on the skin which in turn leads to tightening and improving skin’s elasticity.

Chemical peels

The method involves applying chemical elements to the skin and peeling them off after drying. They remove the old skin.


This is the use of neurotoxin to treat wrinkles and lines on the skin by paralyzing the affected area and bring the degradation process to a halt.

Other methods include

Plasma resurfacing, Micro-needling, and microdermabrasion

Advantages of Laser Skin Resurfacing

Having looked at the various options available, now it is easier to point out why laser skin resurfacing is unique;

It has no long downtime 

The duration of time you are expected to stay indoors or inactive due to treatment is called the downtime. With laser treatment, this is minimal since most of the lasers do not involve the use of needles or the formation of open wounds that would require tender care to heal. However, make sure that you still follow the prescribed aftercare activities.

It has long-lasting effects

This is subjective to the care you take on your skin, the genetical composition of your body and your current health status. However, most of the laser resurfacing treatments are long-lasting with some having permanent effects. For example, Botox and carbon dioxide lasers are semi-permanent treatments.

Sometimes one treatment is enough

Depending on the intensity of the condition being treated, sometimes once treatment is just what you need. For example, when treating acne scars and hyperpigmentation, one efficient laser treatment is enough as opposed to a majority of the lightening creams which you have to use so often.

They treat a wide variety of conditions

Use of lasers can treat a majority of the conditions that make you feel that your aesthetic value has drastically degraded. These conditions may include acne scars, hyper and hypo pigmentation, wrinkles and aging effects. It can be used to treat sensitive skin conditions too

Minimal chances of allergic reactions

Allergy is one of the conditions that restrict or even prevent most of the people from using chemical-based skin resurfacing treatments. This does not categorically mean that chemical-based treatments are not good; you should get the relevant tests done before they are used on your skin. For example, dermal fillers which are not human-based can be allergic to many people.

They treat even hard areas and most of the other parts of the body

Some resurfacing operations work well on soft and tender tissues and give minimal or no positive response to the hard parts of the body like the feet and arms. For example, using dermal fillers on these areas won’t be effective compared to lasers. But you have to choose high-quality lasers like the carbon dioxide lasers to get effective results.


As you have seen laser skin resurfacing is a better option that works uniquely. It causes the least amount of downtime, and even the chances of getting secondary illnesses are minimal. The cost of these treatments depends on the area being treated as well as the place where you are getting your treatment from. However, in all the cases, ensure you get your treatment from qualified practitioners.

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