Ladies, it’s time to grab that glass of wine, relax, and let your man make the dinner. Debates have been going on for decades about which gender is more proficient when it comes to whipping up a delicious dish, and it seems that men take the title for now. But before you slam a pie into your husband’s face in sheer annoyance, it’s time to look at some facts.

Men cook for pleasure, women as a chore

You come home from work, exhausted. Your little angel, your beautiful child is in the middle of the living room, having just made a mess. Toys everywhere, little building blocks getting stuck to your feet, there’s a booger running down their face and is that mud? How is there mud on your child? Your husband comes into the room smiling, and asks “Hey honey, what’s for dinner?”

After you suppress the urge to strangle someone, you start cleaning up. Of course, the kid needs a bath, the room needs dusting, the laundry needs to be done, so you whip up a simple dinner just so no one would starve and you move on to other chores. Cooking has always been expected of women who are running a household, so it’s become a chore. Men don’t cook quite so often, and when they do, they take pleasure in it and pay attention to making all of the details perfect.

They love to impress

When women cook, they do it to feed their families. They tend to take a very economic approach that ensures everyone has their nutritional needs met and that the meal isn’t too expensive, and doesn’t require too much time to make. Women are practical and they want their lives made easier with a built-in dishwasher, with easy-to-make dishes, with having a meal plan that doesn’t change much from week to week. Men, on the other hand, love to take their time and they are eager to make their hardworking significant other enjoy herself. There’s something sweet about a man who spends two hours making a meal just to impress his wife and make her feel good. You can even inspire them to this a bit often with some cooking related personalized Father’s Day Gifts, and such gifts can make it that much more special. These subtle hints are a great way to get a man into the kitchen and making a great meal for the entire family.

Professional cooks are often male

With the exception of some excellent and amazing female chefs such as Julia Child, the world of professional cooking has always been dominated by men. For women, domestic cooking was something every lady had to learn, but if men got interested, they could easily get professional training. There is also the fact that being a chef is a tough job that requires long hours of standing on your feet in a hot kitchen and this requires a certain amount of physical stamina. It’s a male-dominated environment, so it’s not always easy for a woman to stand out, especially because women tend to be timider and afraid of making mistakes, so they rarely experiment.

Traditional gender roles are changing

Men used to be the breadwinners of the family, those who went to work while the wives stayed at home and did all the chores. But with the economy today and more women focusing on their careers, it’s often necessary for both partners to go to work in order to earn enough to support a household. Jobs are now being divided more equally among genders out of sheer necessity and men are starting to cook more often than they used to. There are also a lot of very popular cooking shows and famous chefs that are making the whole thing more popular and easily available. If you want to know how to cook, there are countless recipes for beginners, YouTube channels that teach you the basics, and many shows where everything is explained in detail.


Even though men are considered to be better on average, this absolutely doesn’t mean that women are bad cooks. However, if you do all the cooking and yet your husband likes to brag about what a master chef he is, feel free to dump all the meal making responsibilities on him. After all, you wouldn’t want to steal his spotlight, would you?

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