Know the Causes and Treatment for Anxiety Disorder

Worrying about the future is a good thing, but when it is causing problems and welcoming unknown diseases, then one should worry about the present. Worrying is human psychology which can be found in everyone out there. Worrying about the future, about the job, about life, sometimes worrying about why the individual is not worrying, etc. This cant is stopped but can be treated and brought down with treatments. As one might think here that what will be worrying about anything will cause. Below are some of the disadvantages of worrying and what it can cause or leads too. They are as follows-

  • Anxiety which is a severe disorder and caused due to this worries factor
  • The brain will do improper body functions because the brain is busy in thinking of out of contexts topics
  • Heart conditions also develop because over-thinking leads to higher blood pressure which then will force the heart to work more
  • Overthinking also leads to panic attacks

Ketamine treatment for anxiety

As mentioned above are the disadvantages of overthinking or worryness factor. But one need not worry here as there are many treatments are there which can help one to cure this condition. Some of the major treatments are listed below. They are as follows-

  • Subjecting the body to exercise – Exercising is the best cure for all disease name it, and it can cure all. Starting with the basic exercises then shifting to the intense ones. The main thing here is keeping the brain and the body bust which will then lead one’s body to eliminate the anxiety disorder.
  • Sleeping – Over thinking leads to sleeping problems, and this then does the overloading on the brain which then developed the anxiety disorder. So by following the above point which is to keep the body busy and not do the over thinking and then one will surely find it easy to sleep.
  • Caffeine and alcohol content – Drinking alcohol and taking caffeine in any time disrupt the sleeping pattern which then leads to the odd time table and then anxiety disorder finds a reason to develop. So one should go easy on theses alcohol and caffeine products.
  • Opting for therapies – Neuro-stimulation and acupuncture are some of the notable therapies which will surely help in the anxiety disorder.

Ketamine treatment for severe anxiety

  • Ketamine treatment for anxiety– This is the most effective and best of them all. As this Ketamine treatment for anxiety is always preferred and prescribed by the doctors to the individuals, who are suffering from anxiety disorders. That’s why doctors nowadays perform some test over the body of individuals, and then only they opt for ketamine treatment for anxiety. Some of the side effects which are also like a disadvantage of ketamine treatment for anxiety are listed below. They are as follows-
  1. Blood pressure– Ketamine fasten up the body works and which leads to the increase in blood pressure and this was also the cause of anxiety disorder so instead of lowering it sometimes does ketamine levels it up to an extent which is bad and harmful for the body. Increased blood pressure also causes so many other types of problems.
  2. Heart rate– As this is quite common that when blood pressure of the body increases then it is the reason for the heart rate to increases because it’s the heart which is pumping up the blood and one is not unknown with the fact that what happens when heart rate of the body increase from the normal rate.
  3. Addiction– Overthinking isn’t something which can be wiped out fully; it can be just lowered down. So taking more and more treatment for anxiety disorder of ketamine will surely get one addicted. As this drug is known to be addictive back in the days, some individual also used this drug to get high because this causes hallucinations and lucid dreams which are the primary goal of the drug users.
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