Know all about Arizer Solo II Vaporizer

Arizer Solo II Vaporizer is an upgraded version of the earlier vaporizers which were manufactured by the company of Arizer. The vaporizer is designed with the height of 4.5 inches and is 1.75 inches wide, with the depth measuring 1.19 inches at the bottom and 1.38 inches at the top. The weight of the device is 7.4 oz. The temperature in which it carries out its usage ranges from 122° F to 428° F. It has a fully adjustable temp and ranges from 100 to 240v in terms of power. There is a warranty of two years on the vaporizer and 1 year on the battery.

1. Unboxing: The Arizer Solo II Vaporizer comes with a power adapter. In addition to this, it contains a set of 90 mm and 110 mm Glass Aroma Tubes. There is also a Belt-Clip Carry Case and Glass Aroma Dish. Silicone Stem Caps along with Stainless Steel Stirring Tool and Stainless Steel Screens are also put inside the box. Buyers will also receive a sample of Aromatic Botanicals and an owner’s Manual kept inside.

2. Usage: The original Arizer Solo Vaporizer was produced in the year 2011. The production of the vaporizer took vaping to its next level. However, the production of Arizer Solo II Vaporizer led to an even bigger development. This vaporizer exudes a satisfying vapor which is cool and carries a chilled taste. It works on an open flow of air, which marks it different from the original Solo Vaporizer.

The most important part probably is the long battery life of the device. It is 50% more durable than the previous Solo Vaporizer. Digitally, this vaporizer gives access to a total on board control. It has a digital display which shows all the essential details. It has buttons for the control of the new features and a slim, unique design which gives it a better look compared to the previous version.

3. Portability and Build Quality: The Arizer Solo II Vaporizer is suitable for home use. It can be carried from one room to another without hassles. Its portability allows it to be carried in the pocket without damage.

The built of the vaporizer is excellent. Not only is it well designed, but also strong and long-lasting. It has a clear display and smooth buttons which respond quickly. The outer shell of the vaporizer is well-furnished so it can resist scratches. The glass stem, however, is not as strong as the other building parts and might break if not handled properly. Even though this shortcoming exists, the overall building of the device is remarkable and sturdy.

The Arizer Solo II Vaporizer is thus one of the best vaporizers in the market, which offers good value for the money. The vaporizer is sure to give you the best vaping experience ever.

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