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Know About the Healing Power of Lentils - Likeitgirl

Lentils are the staple ingredient all around the world. Lentils are the low calorie food and it is easy to digest. In India, it is called poor man’s food. Lentils are an economy food served with dal and roti. In India lady stores the lentils in the wholesale rate for one year. It is served on daily basis in the Indian meal. Here we are going to show you the real time benefits of eating lentils. How it grows and what are the healthy benefits of eating this. Lentils not meet the cravings but they are enriched with various nutrients and fiber. It is a budget friendly substitute of every Indian home. We have researched and found that there are so many healing powers of Lentils. Let’s show you everything in this article.

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History of Lentils 

Lentils are small round shaped find in various types of color. From decades, it is the favorite food amongst the vegetarian people. It is derived since from Near East of Mediterranean. It is a belief that Jesus Christ consumed Lentils with a loaf of bread in the childhood. Now it is become one of the prominent ingredients in meal all across the globe. Ancient Greeks used the Lentils to make a soup. In the prehistoric times it was a popular dish for making delicious food. Now Canada country is the largest exporters of lentils.

How to produced it and grow in own way? 

Lentils do not need much water to grow. It grows in small pods. Lentils are mostly harvested in August. This can be survived in the drought like condition. First crop is dried in sun hit. After drying the plants are cut down from the ground. Lentils are divided than it is stored in the big size containers.

Types of Lentils 

There are so many types of lentils are accessible in the world. Here we have mentioned some lentils which are available and used in cooking for daily basis.

Brown Lentils: 

The small round shaped brown Lentils are easily available at online grocery shops. They are small in size and available in brown shape color. It is very easy to cook, but overcooking can melt its shape. People use parboiled lentils to make a salad or delightful soup.

Green Lentils:

Green Lentils are popular in Indian cooking. Green lentils are large. But they do not melt like other lentils do. It is flavorful so it is used in soups, salads and making dal.

French Green Lentils:

It is known as a very hard lentil. They are smaller and darker from the Green lentils. It is firm and it takes most time for boiling and cooking.

Yellow Lentils:

Yellow Lentils is favorite lentil worldwide. This cooked and it is flavorsome. In Indian cooking “dal” is made with yellow lentils. They are sweet and nutty in flavor. It is a staple lentil for the south Indian and north Indian cooking. Various types of dal, sambhar and rasam made with yellow lentils.

Orange Lentils:

Red Lentils are high nutritious and loaded with lots of fiber. Orange lentils are small in size and they come in red or orange color. It is also used in cooking dal. Indians make a smooth puree after boiling and sauté with curry leaves and mustard seeds.

Black Or Beluga Lentils:

Black lentils are also called Beluga lentils. They are small and round in shape. Split black lentils are also used for making various types of gravy based meal. Though outer surface is black the inner side of beluga is soft and creamy. It is enriched with high protein.

Different Ways to Cook Lentils 


Majority people boil the lentils and then cook it with oil to make a dal or soup. It gives good flavor and aroma after boiling. Boil it in a pressure cooker with water. Put lentils in bowl and add double amount of water into it. For flavorsome lentils add garlic, green chili, coriander in it. But don’t overcook it. It depends on measurement how much time it will take to boil the lentils. Use stock instead of water to boil it. Please Cook and sauté lentils as per the instructions given on the package.


Make a healthy and nutritious salad using Lentils. Don’t overcook the lentils. It should be cooked but keep in mind it must not break down when stirring. Take it out from the boiler and cool it down. Now prepare salad like tomato, cucumber and add lentils to it. Add white sauce, olive oil, black pepper and salt to add the flavor in salad.


Sprouted lentils are very healthy. This is used for the weight loss program. Soak lentils in the water for 5 to 6 hours. After this rinse the water and put it in the muslin cloth. Cover it in the bowl or sprout making bowl for overnight. Cook sprouted oil with less oil and less water in low flame. Or else you can use as raw sprouts in the salad.


You can make the stuffed recipe using lentils. Make the all-purpose dough and fill it with masala sprouts or boiled lentils. Saute lentils with mustard oil and add spices and salt. Now fill these lentils into samosa, kachori to make healthy snacks.


Make healthy thick gravy of using lentils. Lentils puree is made to thicken the vegetable sabzi and gravy based sabzi. Just add mashed Lentils into the tomato puree and add vegetables. Creamy gravy is ready in few minutes.

Health Benefits

It Reduces the Cholesterol Risk

It is a wonder lentil reduces the risk of cholesterol. In obesity this type of lentils are preferred in the weight management program. This helps in lowering cholesterol. As well as it offers good fiber, protein values that fight against obesity.

Good In Blood Pressure

It boosts the immune system and also increases the blood circulation in the body. It helps in fighting against the blood clotting. It is rich with magnesium, foliate which are good to beat the happy heart.

Improves Digestive System

People who are complained about acid fluctuation or indigestion, lentils are the best to improve the digestive system. It helps in relaxing the stomach. Lentils are digestible. It contains insoluble dietary fiber which aids in digestion.

Highly Flooded with Protein

This is rich with protein that helps in fighting against serious disease like cancer. Protein is very good for health. For the vegetarian people Lentils are like a boon to get the enough protein in the body. Discover your favorite herbs and spices here to buy Indian Spices online.

Boosts Immunity

It helps in providing good amount of oxygen in the blood vessels. There are loads of carbohydrates and fiber available in the lentils to get the enough energy throughout the day. For growing kids it is a best way to build up a healthy body.

Lentils are available in the Indian grocery stores. It promotes good source of protein, carbohydrates and dietary fiber which helps in making healthy body. Now people have turned around to vegetarian food. Lentils give you the enough vitamins you get from the non veg meal. We have given almost all types of information of how lentils are used and what are the benefits of it. Hope this article will encourage you to eat more and more lentils to get the healthy body.

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