Know About Licensed Brothels and Prostitution

Brothels are places where sexual activities are carried out between a client and the prostitutes. Prostitutes are not necessarily always women. Brothel etymologically means a place where an adult indulges in sexual activity with prostitute. It comes from the word bordello. Young girls and young boys too create a major bulk of this profession. Prostitution has been prevalent in almost all cultures across the world. Even now you can find some business houses which work as a supplying agency, where the employees work as part-time prostitute and they also for the government recognition, according to newspaper reports. But this is not a trade which is supervised by the government and it is not possible to issue the trade license to these brothel authorities because of the Government Issue these certificates then they can open their business in any place and it cannot be acceptable for all.


Beginning of Prostitution

Temple prostitution and state sponsored brothels date back to the beginning of human civilization. Reference is available in Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Greek, Roman culture. In fact references are strewn across almost all cultures and nations. The prostitutes were divided into classes. Some were meant to only participate in sexual rites of the temple. Others were engaged in entertaining and pleasing the aristocrats who sponsored those temples and brothels. These aristocrats also provided security to the women who lived in these brothels and entertained them. From the ancient times to till date, people cannot able to remove this darkness of the civil society and now more people come to join in this sex industry to earn hard cash instantly. But there must be some limitation and government should take up some steps against these issues and they should do some social reformations and remove this sex business from the civil society.

Prostitution and its ill effects

Licensed brothels are a part of almost all nations today. Adult males are mainly demand these. Street prostitution is banned in many countries. Temple prostitution is completely banned everywhere. But even then it is being carried out in silence. Girls are being victims of this trade unknowingly.

  • Prostitution is perhaps one of the oldest professions in the world. References to prostitution can be found back in the Sumerian Civilization’s record in 2400 BC. Back then prostitution was mostly attached to religion and temples. It was temple prostitution that was carried out in brothels within the temple premises.
  • This was perhaps the beginning of licensed brothels or state sponsored brothels. Prostitutes are better known as sex workers in modern times. In today’s world though certain amount of recognition is imparted to this trade, it still lacks the social security which other professions enjoy. The prostitutes in ancient times were mostly girls who had been taken as slaves from the conquered nation. In the name of religion their own families renounced too many girls happily.
  • Apart from that, some prostitutes willingly apply for this profession because they want to earn hard cash. Even in the corporate and high class business world, owners and agency partners appoint some ladies as their company secretary and they mainly use these lady professionals as corporate and professional prostitutes only.

The adult life of these girls was mostly an exploited case of sexual slavery. Licensed brothels still have some facilities intact which give them certain social recognition as well as security for the future. Moreover, health is a big factor that takes a back seat in illegal prostitution. In the licensed brothels this is kept in mind. Brothels are places where many a sexual diseases breed easilydue to the susceptibility of these women.

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