In today’s world of ambiguity because of COVID19, face masks have become the most significant accessory while hand sanitizer is thought to be more desirable and appealing than hand cream, and your home is your safest and favorite destination. Hence take a break and make sure you get a little bit easier.

Safeguard yourself in a trendy way against this deadly virus by visiting and getting yourself and your family a KN95 Mask. It is exceptionally effective in preventing any sort of virus or bacteria from entering the body.

Never forget to include your mask in your list of important items to pack whenever you plan a surprise visit to your family or friends. Especially when you head out on a business trip, your mask is your life saviour that you must pack and throw it away after attending meetings or being in a closed room with many people. The prolonged duration of usage might result them to wear out and act ineffective against the virus.

Not everybody prefers wearing masks for long durations. Some people opt for wrapping a scarf around their face, while others opt for re-usable cloth masks or use-and-throw surgical masks. The more conscious and elite opt for KN95 mask or the N95 and N99 or FFP2 respirators as they promise maximum protection against the virus outrage.

Have you noticed any changes among your Superiors lately? Research says that these difficult times have mandated people into being good Superiors, by putting their Employees and Customers health first and making available a wide range of reusable and disposable face masks. The right message needs to be sent by every Employer, considering the rising worry of every Employee.

We’ve all heard a lot about the Corona virus from the Newspapers and TV headlines, but have you ever wondered how breathing protection is the best step amongst the least that we could take as a precaution? In a world of uncertainty, you can choose to breathe easy with Surgical Face Masks or stay stylish and trendy with Cloth masks. They are designed and built in such a way that combines effectiveness with comfort, without damaging your pocket at all.

Like any other mask, the Surgical Masks are used to effectively block germs, bacteria and virus and protect the Squamous Epithelium of nostrils, mouth and eyes. They help you stop spreading sneezes, coughs and infected Fluids. They may not be as effective as a KN95, N95, FFP2 or FFP3 but not everyone can get hold of those masks on a day-to-day basis anyways.

Did you know that surgical masks must mandate a CE mark and comply with the requirements defined in Europe? The FFP2 Mask UK, is a European class of Respirator, equivalent of the KN95 face mask. It is very well tried and tested on the direction of Inspiration (from the outside to inside). They very well meet the guidelines of The World Health Organization for protection against COVID-19.

Do not forget to replace these surgical Masks and washing the cloth masks after using them for prolonged hours. The prolonged duration of usage might cause them to wear out and finally become ineffective against the virus. Avoid their usage beyond 12-15 hours on a daily basis.

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