Kitchen Cabinets | The New Trends and Modern Styles

Types of Kitchen Cabinets Designs That Are Within the New Trends and Modern Styles

The kitchen is one of the most popular places within the house that receives renovation. It is also one of the most important areas to be remodeled according to the needs of the family living within the home. A home’s value increases along with kitchen remodeling. An updated kitchen can be used for guest meetings or as a family bonding area. There are multiple enhancements that a homeowner can add to their kitchen, especially new kitchen cabinets, and can make their home look more spacious with more functionality.

According to Home Energy, proper kitchen remodeling can help decrease energy consumption. Renovating the kitchen will be a great time to replace other outdated appliances and replace old models with newer units with energy-efficient features. New models for dishwashers and refrigerators can help in reducing energy costs while providing optimal performance.

Appliances are not the only highlight when it comes to upgrading the kitchen. Older kitchens with outdated layouts can look chaotic and unappealing. Moreover, if a homeowner plans to sell the house, an old-looking kitchen will not appeal to potential buyers. Visitors or guests will not be keen on going near the kitchen and may not appreciate the home’s aesthetic due to the kitchen design.

When renovating the kitchen, homeowners must consider getting new kitchen cabinets. There are various types of cabinets that will surely fit any design theme of the house. A homeowner must address his or her concerns regarding the theme to the contractor that will work in the kitchen. In this way, the contractor can advise on the best furniture and cabinets that will suit the entire home decor.

Cabinets have a very important function when it comes to the kitchen’s appearance and overall functionality. Cabinets can help conceal and store items but its outer appearance can add a unique look to the entire kitchen aesthetic. It is best to explore the latest styles and trends for cabinets and how it can fit into the home’s design theme.

Kitchen Cabinets Styles and Color Hues

Dark Colors

Dark colors can make the kitchen look clean and organized. Darker hues of blue, green, or violet can be a great choice. Butcher block counter-tops with some accent rugs can make the kitchen look both classic and trendy at the same time.

Golden Hues

For a more elegant and classic look, an additional golden hue to the colors of the cabinets can be a great choice. The shelves, counter-tops, and cabinets do not need to be painted with gold but rather, some hints of the color on the edges would be a great touch.

Wooden Colors

Another great color theme for the kitchen would be brown with all the alternative wood cabinets and counter-tops. Dark mahogany or any wooden type of furniture can provide balance to a white-painted house. Appliances should also be smartly placed to enhance the color-block theme. A wooden accent theme can have white cabinets. This gives a cozy vibe to the home.

Shaker Cabinet-Type

Shaker cabinet types have square-paneled designs that look good in every type of hardware. It looks clean, modern, and organized. A shaker cabinet has a dark hue paint and a brass handle.

Oakwood Motif

Oakwood cabinets are starting to come back into trends. The difference between Oakwood and wooden motifs are the hues. Oakwood has a very light brown shade while other wooden designs are darker in color. During the 90’s, oakwood cabinets and furniture were the raves. The rise of cherry, maple, and other alternative engineered woods decreased the use of oakwood.

Oakwood themes would strike nostalgia with many homeowners. The appeal of oak lies in its neutral color and a soft luxurious vibe on it. It has a rustic and modern look which is gaining popularity among cabinet makers and many homeowners are adopting the design theme for their kitchen cabinets.

Traditional Theme

Despite the advent of other modern styles, traditional styling remains to be in trend. Contemporary elements are combined with other traditional designs. An example of a traditional theme combines stone tiles with white walls, glass furniture, and some modern leather covering.

Cabinets are important in storing items but its outer design can make or break the entire design of the kitchen. When designing the kitchen in preparation for a renovation, it is important to keep in mind the entire home color theme to ensure that the kitchen will maintain the home’s cohesiveness.



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