Keeping Your Beach Vacation Safe And Healthy


Wear it.  Sunblock is often sticky and smells funny but remember, the sun in Florida is intense.  Unless you enjoy painful red and peeling skin, don’t skip the sunblock.  Remember the tops of ears and feet too.  Wearing sunhats and caps are fashionable as well as helpful in keeping your skin from burning.

Proper Clothing

Obviously, if on the beach, you’ll be wearing swimsuits.  It’s often hot at the beach during the day and cools at night.  Bring lightweight, comfortable clothing for daywear and a light sweater or hoodie for the evening when the sea breezes blow.  But don’t bring overly tight clothing or you’ll be miserable if you’re not used to Florida’s heat index and high humidity.

UV Rays

Florida’s white sandy beaches reflect the sun’s UV rays right into the eyes causing eye strain or tiredness.  Protect your eyes by wearing sunglasses that have UV protection.  Again, adding a cap or sunhat will add a bit of shade keeping your face and eyes a bit cooler and less strained.

Drink Plenty Of Water

I can’t stress hydration enough.  If you’re playing in the water and a few hours go by without anything to drink, dehydration will likely follow.  To avoid dehydration and the emergency room visit for IV fluids, make a point to drink water every couple of hours.  Stay away from high caffeine products because caffeine, in large quantities, is dehydrating.  Snack on grapes, watermelon and other fruits helpful to hydration.  We’ve found popsicles to be a great cooling down treat that also keeps fluid levels healthy.

What To Eat

Half the fun of a beach vacation is the food.  Your hotel probably has a great restaurant or two and you should indulge.   But keep extremely salty and greasy fried foods to a minimum. Otherwise, you’ll need more than usual indigestion meds.

Jellyfish Stings Or Other Beach Injuries

Bring along a first aid kit or check your hotel lobby for one.  If you get stung by a jellyfish, rinse it in seawater or vinegar.  Wash off the area and remove any bits of jellyfish stinger (nematocysts).  Benadryl helps calm the reaction to the sting and keep swelling to a minimum.  Most Florida jellyfish stings are more irritating than harmful but be prepared to call 911 in case a sting leads to a particularly bad reaction.  Know the address of your hotel.  The quicker you can direct help, the quicker aid will arrive to begin treatment.  For other more minor things such as cuts and scrapes from broken shells, use your first aid kit.  Have a disinfectant (again Vinegar works – smells horrendous but is cheap and effective) on hand and clean cut daily.   Put a waterproof band-aid on it and change as needed.

By keeping these tips in mind, you’ll increase your chances of having a safe and healthy beach vacation while creating memories to last a lifetime.

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