Songs and music help kids develop their mind-body coordination skills. Parents and teachers expose children to music at an early age so that they learn sounds and word meanings. When they dance to songs and music, kids learn motor skills. This helps them to improve their self-esteem as well. Music helps children to remember better, and in the process, they can strengthen their memory!

Songs and their role in developing a child

Language is like a song. This is why it has the ability to promote language skills in a growing brain. When songs are taught to children, they learn literacy and language faster. They develop skills in auditory memory, auditory discrimination, phonological awareness and development of vocabulary.

Exercise for the tongue and lips

When kids sing to the tunes of songs,they exercise their lips and tongues. They are able to express themselves better, and their memory becomes sharp. This, in turn, helps them to improve focus and concentration. Songs help both kids and adults remember things. If you look back into the past, you will find that you still remember songs you learned as a kid. Some people even remember the physical movements they did when singing. Health experts say that the biggest advantage of singing is muscle exercise.

Movement and songs add up to fun!

Movement and songs for kidsare entertaining and fun for the child. Physical movements to songs help them to nurture muscle foundations like singing in tune and moving to the tune of the song played. With songs, kids learn ranges of motion. This helps them to build endurance, muscle, coordination and muscle strength. Active play has always been part and parcel of the learning process. This is why it has been established as an integral part of learning for kids since time immemorial. Songs have been the foundation of emotional and social development for children promoting emotional growth too!

Songs with play

When songs are played during playtime with kids, they develop their creative skills. They are able to improve their imagination, emotional, cognitive and dexterity skills. For a healthy brain, playtime is essential. It helps the child to interact and engage with the whole world.

Learning skills one by one

With kids’ songs, children are able to learn one basic skill at a time. They learn along with their classmates and so singing becomes a happy activity for them. In the pre-school stage, children are able to interact with others better with songs. They remember lines and learn new words. They engage themselves with the world better. Music helps kids improve their sensory development.

Parents and teachers should take the onus to expose their kids to various kinds of songs and music as much as possible. In this way, different pathways are created effectively between the brain cells of kids. This effect is stronger if songs are combined with dancing. Early in life, kids are exposed to numeracy and literacy- this does go the extra mile in increasing their confidence and self-esteem in life!

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