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IVF Treatment: Know Why and How It Is Done. - Likeitgirl

IVF Treatment: Know Why and How It Is Done.

IVF Treatment: Know Why and How It Is Done in Mishka IVF Center in Jaipur.

Maternity is a big responsibility when it comes to a couple who are new to it. Sometimes people don’t know how to manage a lot of things at that time when someone becomes parents for the first time. But in some cases, the couple doesn’t get a chance to feel this happiness because of their health issues and infertility problems. Often they believe in this myth that it can’t be cured, and live with it.

In this era, so many new things have come up that a person has never dreamed of and one of them is IVF treatment. IVF is a therapy or a process in which eggs are taken out of the body of a woman and are fertilized in the lab with sperm of the male partner. After four or five days the fertilized egg (embryo) is restored inside the uterus with the help of the latest machinery. This treatment is especially for those people who are suffering from infertility or major health issues because of that they are having difficulties in conceiving.

Mishka IVF Center in Jaipur has created domination in this field by delivering the best possible results with maximum success ratio. Mishka has assisted many patients having infertility issues with extreme care.

About Mishka

Mishka IVF Center in Jaipur is the best choice for infertility treatment for both men and women. This test tube baby center is utilizing their best techniques and equipment for treating people’s problems regarding infertility. Mishka has given numerous positive results with true determination and compassion. This fertility clinic examines every aspect of a patient;’s body before coming to any conclusion. A person can frankly depend upon Mishka for their treatment as this clinic provides optimal services to their patients keeping their comfort zone in mind.

Treatment of IVF at Mishka

  • At first, the doctor will give some medicines in order to develop multiple eggs. Multiple eggs are required for the IVF process as sometimes, eggs don’t fertilize properly.

  • In the second place, the patient’s eggs will be taken out of the body by the doctor with the help of a needle and are placed in the lab for fertilization.

  • Third, the semen or sperm of the male partner is used or sometimes people also go for a donor’s sperm. The sperms are mixed with the eggs, which are matured enough, and the process of fertilization begins.

  • After this, the doctor will examine the best-fertilized eggs or embryos and proceed further.

  • Lastly, the embryos or eggs which were fertilized in the lab, are retrieved back inside the uterus of the patient through a syringe or injection.

Health Experts and Specialists at Mishka

High skilled experts and well-trained staff make Mishka IVF Center a healthy place to visit. Here, in this clinic doctor listens to their patient’s issues very calmly and builds a cordial relationship between them.

Doctor’s Profile

Dr. Ruchi Bhandari – She is the director of Mishka IVF Center In Jaipur and an IVF Specialist.


  • MBBS from Bharati Vidyapeeth University, Pune in 2014 and she was the gold medalist in the university.

  • MS (OB/GY) from BVDUMC, Pune.

  • Completed her Fellowship in Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) from Mahatma Gandhi University in 2017.

  • Also gained her knowledge in Clinical Embryology from Chennai Fertility Centre and Research Institute in 2017.

Work Experience-

  • After finishing her qualification, she worked as a Gynecologist and Obstetrician in Bhandari Hospital and Research Center, Jaipur, and gathered 6 years of experience in the respective fields.

She also takes active participation and is a member of the Indian Fertility Society (IFS), Indian Society for Assisted Reproduction (ISAR), Federation of Obstetric and Gynaecological Societies of India (FOGSI). She received the Medical Council Registrations Number in 2015 and the number is 36015.

Another member of the team in Mishka IVF Center in Jaipur is Dr. Chirag Bhandari (Andrologist and Sexologist) who manages male patients for infertility and sexual health. In addition to this, other specialists are also available at the clinic such as Dr. Rekha Bhandari is the director of BHRC, Jaipur and also a Laparoscopic Surgeon, Dr. Jyotima Saxena is a consultant, gynecologist, obstetrician, and an IVF Specialist),  Dr. Mahi Khandelwal who is a psychotherapist, all together they are in Mishka for patient’s support.

Services Available at Mishka

Mishka IVF Center in Jaipur is also one of the foremost fertility clinics because of its services. Mishka provides all sorts of services:

  • Unfertilized eggs and sperm

  • Cryopreservation of embryos

  • Frozen embryo transfer

  • Fertility preservation for cancer patients


  • High-Risk Pregnancy Care

  •  Laparoscopy Advanced Hysteroscopy

  • Gynae Laparoscopic Surgeries

  •  Laser-Assisted hatching

  •  Blastocyst Transfer, Fertility services and assisted reproductive technologies (ART)

  • Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI)

  • A 3D/4D ultrasound facility is also given by Mishka for the patients wherein one can see their dreams becoming a reality.

Treatment Cost at Mishka

Many reasons and elements can make a change in the treatment cost. Those elements can be related to a person’s age, height, weight, previous treatments taken or failed, and choice of the procedure used. An IVF treatment can charge up to 90,000 to 1.20 Lakhs per cycle in Mishka IVF Center in Jaipur whereas the IUI treatment can be done in just 20,000/- or less but it is not that effective and always successful. Mishka also allows surrogacy if a person opts for it and it can cost around 1.60 Lakhs.

Success Rate

The average success ratio is estimated according to some related components like causes of infertility, previous medical treatments, miscarriages if any, etc. In Mishka, doctors concentrate on the patient’s major areas of infertility and treat them accordingly. That’s why Mishka is considered to be the best clinic because it has the maximum number of success rates. Mishka has reached the category of most successful IVF centers in Jaipur in relation to others.

Location & Contact Information of Mishka

Mishka IVF Center is located in the center of the city and the address is 138-A, Vasundhara Colony, Gopalpura Bypass Road, Tonk Phatak, Jaipur. One can reach this fertility clinic without any difficulty via their private vehicles, cabs, autos, buses, or any other means. Before visiting the IVF center don’t forget to book the appointment through an online booking process that is available on their website: https://mishkaivf.com or call on 06378288806. The working hours are Mon-Sat from 10 am to 5 pm and in any urgency, this clinic is open 24*7. For additional queries, please drop a mail at info@mishkaivf.com.

IVF can be one of the excellent treatments among others to treat infertility. So, do not panic or be nervous about it, just consult a doctor or pay a visit to the clinic.

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