It’s Time: Watch Brands Invest In Their Female Audience




Designer watch brand, Hermès, have confirmed that they are putting their female customers first, by investing in feminine watch design. The way women wear watches has changed and woman are now looking for stylish timepieces that have the same technological advancements, as masculine designs do.

Laurent Dordet is the man leading this campaign. Laurent’s vision leans heavily on female timepiece design, a smart move considering female watches account for 80% of the brand’s sales. Hermès plan on extending their watch range for woman, exploring “feminine creation” while incorporating new elements of luxury, into the style of their timepieces.

Travel Back in Time


Did you know that the first watch ever created was for a female? The art of horology was reborn as a statement of wealth and style, when the first wrist watch was created. The first timepiece built to be worn as an accessory, was made fit for a queen – a real queen that is –  Caroline Murat, Queen of Naples.

If a trip back in time tells us that woman were once the inspiration behind technical timepieces, when did the focus change to male design?

Experts within the industry argue that for many years, the female watch market has been side-lined. Pretty designs have been thrown out with no focus put on internal mechanisms and designs.   Bill Prince, Deputy Editor of GQ, believes that  watch brands have fell short and for years have been creating time pieces that they can market to the high-end, high spending male watch market, It appears that men are an easy target when it comes to luxury wrist wear as Prince argues “a beautiful watch is traditionally the one bit of jewellery a man, a conservative man, can wear.”

What Do Women Want?


Good question. In recent years’ women have been opting for masculine styled watches that are made with same craftsmanship as a gent’s watch is. Brands like Daniel Wellington have owned the fashion watch market due to their watches minimalist yet eye-catching design. Daniel Wellington capture the hearts of females everywhere by even adding Swarovski crystals to their designs.


Watch Brands and Female Watch Ambassadors


Watch Repair and horology experts, Repairs By Post, praise TAG for using both male and female ambassadors from the sports world:

“Today, the TAG Heuer family still enjoys leadership of the brand with Jack Heuer, the great grandson of the founder, is the current Honorary Chairman. They still maintain a watchmaking workshop & factory in Switzerland. With renowned sports personalities Cristiano Ronaldo and Maria Sharapova.”

TAG Heuer have captured the heart of millennial watch wearers everywhere, by creating a range inspired by supermodel, actress and Instagram mogul, Cara Delevingne.

This match made in heaven started back in 2015 when Cara joined Tag to create a watch that was a symbol of both her and the brands creative and bold personality. The campaign starred Cara Delevingne’s Formula 1 Ceramic watches and this included the sophisticated Carrera Lady collection.


Only Time Will Tell…


With some of the biggest watch brands in the world investing in their female customers, woman will soon be spoiled for choice when it comes to luxury wristwear. Bill Prince believes that this investment will enhance the performance of female watches:

“They used to believe women wanted quartz working even in a high-end watch…But now they are beginning to put the same kind of intricate craftsmanship into the mechanisms and that’s the real shift.”

Watches are one of the most prestigious forms of jewellery and for years’ women have been looking for timepieces that showcase their class and style. If you are already a collector of fine jewellery you will know how delicate luxury watches can be.




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