Is Your Window View Boring? 4 Ways to it Up

Is your window view uninspired? Do you try to block out traffic from the road or look out into a bland courtyard? As a homeowner, a boring window view can be depressing. As a home seller, it can slow down sales and prevent buyers from seeing the true value that a home offers.

The good news is that it doesn’t take much to dress a window. Follow these steps to update your view, whether the window looks out onto a patio, sunroom, or backyard.

1. Replace the actual window.

If you have the opportunity, consider looking into a replacement window that reflects your personality and design style. For example, if your view gets hit with full sun heat in the afternoons, invest in a pane that blocks the heat. This increases your home’s energy efficiency while making it more pleasant to look out your window.

You can also invest in different styles of windows that open in different ways. To see the latest models, look for a commercial window showroom in your area. By shopping local (like investing in Kalamazoo windows if you live in Michigan) you can find panes that do a great job of protecting your home from the elements.

2. Get creative with landscaping.

One of the best ways to improve a view is with outdoor plants. From durable shrubs that can last the winter to seasonal perennials, plants add color and unique shapes to a view.

You have multiple options when looking into outdoor plants. If you live in an urban area, look into container plants that don’t need to be placed in the ground. If you have a garden, choose annuals and bulbs that require different levels of maintenance. If you don’t have time to garden, you might want to skip some high-maintenance plants.

Any outdoor plants can improve your window view. Even a few shrubs can do an excellent job of brightening up your outlook.

3. Place indoor plants around your window.

If you don’t have the ability to invest in outdoor plants, indoor succulents and annuals can do a wonderful job of making your old windows look new again. Look for plants that are made for the indoors and don’t need much sun. You can set up a small container garden around your window and create a bloomscape in your home—even if the window only looks out on a brick wall. You can still feel like you are immersed in nature even if you only have a few new plants.

4. Attract birds and small animals.

The outdoor plants you choose can attract bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds throughout the day. However, you can also take steps to lure other birds and animals to your window view. Set up a birdbath so cardinals and blue jays can cool off during the day. Look for feeders that lure in birds but keep the squirrels out.

With these natural elements, you can bring your window view to life. When you look outside, you can see movement and bright colors from the animals that visit you. You can also have a positive impact on the environment, even if you only plant a few perennials.

Your local nursery should be able to guide you to different outdoor plants that attract animals and repel pests. With the right greenery, you can create a mini-ecosystem right outside your window.

You don’t need years of experience in home design or gardening to create a bloomscape. Take a few outdoor plants that you like and place them around your backyard. Then, with the right window replacement and natural elements, you can improve your viewing experience and make your home seem more appealing.

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