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Is Self Publishing Worth In The Digital World?

Gone are the days when publishing houses held the key to a writer’s bright future.  Now, many writers are fulfilling their writing dreams through self publishing. Even though the growth of self publishing authors and books is slow it has been steady over the past few years. A 2012 survey revealed that in certain genres like crime, romance, science- fiction and humor the sales of self published books accounted for 20% of the total book sales. However, overall contribution of self published book sales was just about 2%.

There are also “hybrid writers” who prefer to self publish and take the traditional route to publish their work through publishers. And these writers reportedly earn more than others as per a digital survey. Self publishing has opened many avenues to the authors and as well as readers to access good books.

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Self publishing success in digital world
One of the best examples of self publishing success story would be that of E.L James’s -Fifty shades of grey. The sensational book has sold more than 125 million copies. There are also companies like White fox that encourage and help aspiring writers to self publish. John Bond, co-founder, White fox opines that digital revolution has paved way to democratization and writers have knowledge about publishing process and they have become their own entrepreneurs. Latest tech news reveals how technology has influenced the way writers self publish and interact with their readers.

Self publishing in the digital world
Is self publishing worth in the digital world? Many authors think so. There are many benefits of self publishing like:

The digital power
The power of digital technology is so much so that traditional publishing firms have waged a long war against the digital space for letting the authors publish their stories. The reach of digital technology is far and wide that challenges the traditional publishing rules. Many writers have found a secure way of consistent earnings from self publishing in digital space. Amazon has grabbed many eyeballs by paying a whopping $140,000.000 to its writers in the Kindle unlimited program. Many writers feel that the money earned in self publishing is more than the traditional publishing payout.

The accessibility
It is estimated that by 2018 most of the people in the world will own a smart phone. Accessing books with a tap would be extremely convenient and simple for many readers. Authors can easily establish a steady stream of readership through easy interactions with their readers on the digital platform.

Simplicity of self publishing
Even though many authors perceive self publishing as a difficult task, author Jason Matthews has something else to say. Aside from the difficult part of e-book formatting and styles, Jason emphasizes on the need of utilizing social media platforms to boost sales and readership base.

Profitable option
Compared to the traditional at payout, self publishing can fetch more profits for the authors. Publishing firms offer much to the authors than what a successful self published author earns. Most of the publishing firms are into tough negotiations and are hard nut to crack. Whereas self publishing is paving way for more and more indie authors who take control of every aspect of publishing and hence, can expect more profit if the quality is good.

Apart from all the great things about self publishing, here are few “not so good” factors:

Anyone and everyone can self publish. The digital space is bombarded with many e-books every single day. Many self publishing gurus agree that quantity takes over the quality and not all books are good reads. At the same time good books have a tough time to find readers amidst all the chaos and competition. It is extremely hard to gain visibility in the digital space.

Hard work and possibly less returns
Self publishing is not easy and it involves hiring designers, editors and e-book specialists to design and market a “professionally well made” book online. It requires a lot of time and effort from the authors to sell their books. However, success is not guaranteed.

Lack of versatility
Self publishing is good for niche books and certain genre of writing like romance or humor. Other genres or type of writing may not sell or have enough readerships in the digital space.

In spite of all the above factors, it is definitely worth self publishing for the freedom and possible success that an author could get.  Many success stories like Andy weir’s – The Martian, Douglas wight’s Rita Ora- Biography continue to inspire the hopefuls willing to make a mark in the digital writing space. Industry experts are already contemplating self publishing as the future of digital technology and the future certainly looks bright for the young and new authors.

More than any others the “hybrid authors” who self publish as well as publish traditionally have more chances of shining brightly in the literary world. As they cash in both the platforms for maximum benefits. Successful blog publishers like Dana Lynn Smith feel that 2016 will see more indie authors who will continue to learn and become tech savvy so that they can market their books. The self publishing trend is likely to pick up speed by the end of 2016 and new technology will only make it easier for new authors.

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