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Internet of things taking over the business! - Likeitgirl

Internet of things taking over the business!

The internet of things is the extension of internet connectivity into physical devices and everyday objects. So basically the internet of things or IoT is a system of interrelated computing devices, mechanical and digital machines, objects, animals or the ones which are provided with unique identifiers (UID) and the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human to human of human to computer interaction.

So if we are taking an IoT solution there are certain features to look for.  Some of them are explained as below mentioned.

Open and independent

As the definition of IoT itself explains that the main characteristic of IoT shall be its independence. IoT itself suggests that anything can be connected and smarter so we won’t even consider working with an IoT platform vendor who might lock us into a specific architecture, or force us on a narrow set of applications. It shall be open and Independent.  IoT platform shall be open enough to work with what we have today and we may have tomorrow.


IoT comes with the combination of algorithms and computation, software and hardware that makes it smart. Technology is advancing with each passing day. The iot companies India have to cope up with that advancement.  In spite of all the popularity of smart technologies, intelligence in IoT is only concerned as a means of interaction between devices, while user and device interaction are achieved by standard input method and graphical user interface.

Modular and future proof

Before buying any IoT solution we need to ensure that our IoT platform can connect with any device or machine or sensor over any network. It should also be low code and future-ready with solutions for enterprise integration along with the business process and portfolios management. Because of this flexibility provided by IoT platforms we can deploy an IoT quickly which will ultimately help us to scale and grow. This is the main task for iot solution provider.


It is one of the main key characteristics in the Internet of Things. As the devices in IoT are based on different hardware platforms and networks and can interact with other devices or service platform through different networks, therefore, IoT architect should support direct network connectivity between these heterogeneous networks. Because of different devices and hardware and other things heterogeneity becomes an important aspect in the Internet of Things solutions.


Internet of Things is basically based on the concept of connectivity. Connectivity empowers the Internet of Things by bringing everyday objects. It is only because of this connectivity that new market opportunities for it can be created by the networking of smart things and applications. Connectivity of all the different objects is pivotal because simple object-level interactions contribute towards collective intelligence in IoT networks.

Along with these features, IoT platforms shall be dynamic and enormous scale. They shall also have to send technology and security shall not be compromised at any level. If an IoT technology possesses the above-mentioned characteristics, then they will create value and bring prosperity in business.

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