International Holiday Vacation Packing List

Everyone loves travelling, but I don’t think anyone loves packing for it. It is just that packing is so much stress, especially when it is international. People think that the world is going to end if they don’t bring their entire house with them. The first essential is RELAXATION. Take a deep breath and be cool. What is the worst thing that can happen? You need to clear your mind and understand that you are going on vacation to relax, not to be stressed out. Here is a pocket list of international essentials to calm you down.

Comfy clothes and footwear

Depending on where you are going, and weather conditions there, you will adjust the thickness of your clothes and your shoes. However, an all-time rule is to make sure your clothing and footwear are comfortable. Even if you are travelling to Costa Rica, you should always bring something warm with you: a light jacket, sweater hat and socks. You never know what may happen. Sneakers are also always welcome.

Oh, and let’s say you are going on a mountain somewhere where the snow is up to your knees. You think, “Okay, I will bring the thickest garments I have”. Of course, you should do that, but what if there is a beautiful spa out there and you forgot to bring swimwear for you and your hubby/wifey? Bummer, huh? Well, to make sure that stuff like that doesn’t happen, always carry a swimsuit with you as well. It takes zero space, but it can come in handy.  

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First aid kit

Just like with clothes, you never know what can happen. It is always a good idea to take some extra space in your luggage but to be prepared for everything. Make sure that you have Band-Aids, painkillers, laxatives, flu relievers, antihistamine (for allergies), and for those who suffer from motion sickness – motion sickness tablets. Also, bring your prescription meds of course – just make sure that there are enough of them for your entire trip. Oh, and don’t forget insect repellent and sunscreen if you are going somewhere where the weather is hot.


Electronics are up to you. For some people, their phone is perfectly enough, while others enjoy to have an entire suitcase only for their electronics. The essential electronics are a digital camera with a charger and an extra memory card, laptop, iPad and a mobile phone with a charger as well. Pay attention if the plugs there are different from ones in your country – if they are, then you have to bring outlet plug adapters as well.

Documents and money

These are definitely the essential items. When it comes to documents, check if you have:

  • ID
  • passport
  • driving licence
  • credit cards
  • ATM cards
  • health insurance
  • suitcase address labels

Of course, since international charges can be enormous, always carry some cash with you. You may also need it for refreshments, like coffee or a sandwich. Don’t forget to exchange it for local currency.

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Unless you will be on a mountain without phone reception, stores or living creatures, there is nothing to worry about. Whatever you forget, you will buy it there. You don’t have to drag a whole bathroom with you. Essentials are: a toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, body wash, deodorant, perfume in a small bottle, wet wipes, towel (this is only for those who are not staying in a hotel) and a comb. If you are a guy, add a hair gel and shaving stuff to the list, and if you’re a lady, a foundation, mascara and lipstick should be enough.

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That would be it. When you pack all of that stuff from the above, the only things that are left are your good attitude and a sense of adventure.

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