Interesting facts about what your lips says about you


One may think that the lips were meant for only kissing, eating, whistling and speaking. However, the lips can surprise us by the different roles that it plays in our lives. Ever thought how you would look without them? The lips facilitate in the spoken words as well as the facial expression ensuring completeness of communication. They also help in the provision of the vital sensory information concerning food. It is important in the oral cavity. Hence, the lips have various roles that offer insights into our daily living and interactions.

Securing a mate

The lips can assist in securing a future mate. It has been found to be contributed by kissing. Kissing enables the transfer of vital biological information from one person to the other. It is also achieved by the exchange of the pheromones. It is believed that women tend to prefer men with different immune systems from them.

Lips expose your sexuality

Absurd as it sounds, it is true. Lips have been linked to sexuality. Prominent Tubercle in women has shown that they achieve orgasm of the vagina. Hence, the lips shape can assist in the determination of orgasm ability in women.

Big lips are sexier

The size of the lips determines whether they can attract the opposite sex. Men are mostly attracted to big lipped women. These tend to offer warmth and a sense of fullness. However, women prefer men with lips that are medium sized. It seems to offer an impression of warmness and kindness. Men’s lips should portray an intense feeling. Care should be taken for those preferring surgical enhancements. At times, the lips can be too big thus being unattractive. It is essential to review the best lip plumper as they assist in getting lips with the ideal shape. Women with pursed lips give the message that they are disinterested in advances of sexual nature.

Lips determine your age

The older you get, the more your lips plumpness gets lost. Collagen is responsible for maintaining the shape of the lips. This protein is produced in lesser quantity as the age progresses. It leads to the lips becoming thinner and thinner. It is also attributed to the sun’s UV rays. The reviews on the best plumper can assist to add shape to the lips.

Lips earn you extra tips

Most people share the impression that red lipstick makes women sexier. It is tied to the fact that the lips resemble the labia of the vagina. For hotel waitress, wearing red lipsticks makes them get more tips from the male customers. However, women seem unmoved by the red lipstick. It is important to review the best lip plumpers as they can contribute to extra tips.

You have paralysis

Bell palsy leads to paralysis of the lips. It makes it impossible to smile, frown or even support any motile movements. The damaged facial nerves lack the capacity to support the lips. However, this condition can be corrected. Therefore in cases where one loses their lips functions, they can take that as a symptom of Bell palsy.


Women with lips that are well defined are seen to be very confident and intelligent. It is contributed to the slight elevation of the corners of the upper lip. It also shows that the woman can be trusted. This type of lips also has the impression of a kind hearted woman. Rounded lips have the impression of a strong woman full of health.


The sensitivity of the lips skin is more than the fingertips. It is by more than 200 times. Hence, lips are extremely sensitive with the various nerves. Care should be taken to preserve the lips skin. For instance, during extreme sunlight, the lips should be covered by a lipstick or a lip balm.

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