Interested in Private Charter Flights? Read This First

You’re on a full flight again, packed in like a sardine. You had to get to the airport two hours before departure for this early morning flight, and the security line moved extraordinarily slow.

There’s got to be a better way to travel.

Next time, consider taking a private plane. This guide to private charter flights will help you book a lower-stress travel experience.

What Is a Charter Flight?

If you’re wondering what are charter flights, you’re not alone. People think private flights are only for the ultra-rich celebrities.

It’s true that it costs more to fly by private plane than commercial, but it is not as expensive as you may think. In fact, you can find cheap charter flights if you’re flexible on times and destinations. A charter flight cost calculator can help you visualize the pricing of a private flight.

When most people think about flying, they picture the big commercial airplanes that seat 500 or more passengers. The airline dictates the route, and you purchase a ticket on the plane. The expectation is that you’ll stay in your seat, only getting up for trips to the bathroom or for a walk in the aisles of your section of the cabin.

People book a private flight based on the hour. The price for one passenger is the same for a full plane. You have access to the whole plane during your trip.

Why Private Charter Flights?

Perhaps you’re wondering why someone would pay for a charter flight rather than first or business class on a commercial flight. A private plane offers even more comfort than the most expensive seats on a typical airline.

Charter flights also save time. You don’t have to arrive at the airport hours before departure. Most private planes leave soon after you arrive.

Private flights can go more places than commercial planes. They can make use of the airports in smaller cities. This means you can spend less time traveling to your actual destination.

You won’t have to spend a lot of time going through airport security. And in a time when COVID-19 is a concern, it’s also safer to fly on a charter plane. You won’t have to be around as many people, thus limiting your exposure to viruses.

Pet lovers can travel with their furry companions on a private flight. Sometimes the pet won’t have to stay in a travel carrier, either. This can relieve stress for both the pet and owner.

Another perk is that you can get a meal on a private flight. Most commercial flights in the continental US only serve a snack and a drink. Chance are, you’ll arrive at the airport hungry.

Many operators stock their planes with food and drinks. Some flights even include alcoholic beverages.

Book Your Private Flight Today

You’ve flown commercial flights before, and it’s time for something new. Private charter flights are a great way to make your travel experience better. Book your charter flight today.

Interested in alternative modes of transportation for your next trip? Check out our travel section for more.

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