Women’s skinny jeans are an integral legacy from kitsch decades, and they still look chic and contemporary. When you feel stuck in a fashion faux pas, choose your favourite pair of skinny jeans; match them with a T-shirt and heels. This style never goes to the rut. Finding the perfect pair may cause you some despair, though. It is an endless quest with so many brands and price points to lure you. 

The only thumb rule to follow is to choose a pair that fits you snugly and highlights your curves beautifully. And for styling, here are some tips that will amaze you.

Go Colourful with the Tops

You can add jazz of colour to your old skinny jeans by choosing the right top. Your outfit will go from drab to drool-worthy with a pop of colour added by a cobalt jacket, furry coral coat, multi-colour printed top, or fuchsia overcoat. 

Pair them with the Right Shoes

Although some fashion-savvy women refrain from pairing their skinny jeans with booties, you can rock this style. Let your jeans bunch around the ankles to create a relaxed look. You can also choose cropped jeans to wear with ankle boots. If booties aren’t your style, you can elevate your skinny jeans by pairing them with heels. 

The combination marks the marriage of smart, casual, and elegance. Complete the look with a striped T-shirt or tailored coat for a sophisticated statement. For comfortable hangouts, you can wear sneakers and give your jeans an athleisure boost. A casual jumper will complete the style for a perfect weekend.  

Style with Sweaters and Jackets

Though skinny jeans are an all-season attire, they look specifically chic in cooler temperatures. Pair them with bulky sweaters to balance the slim shape of your jeans and add sunglasses for perfection. Leather jackets are another alternative that blends chic with edgy and gives you the cool biker look. Wear flowing tops and heels for a stunning style.

Accessorise Properly

Like any other outfit, women’s skinny jeans also need perfect and matching accessories to look stylish. You can carry a scarf, sunglasses, or a hat for maintaining the blend of fashion with comfort. A little mix of unique accessories can adapt your simple jeans for different looks ranging from biker to rocker, vintage, or bohemian. 

Wear Crop Tops with High-Rise Jeans

If you love your quirky crop tops, you can match them beautifully with skinny high-rise jeans. This style looks sophisticated and prevents any fashion faux pas when you step out. You can even choose denim on denim ensemble for a celebrity-like style. Make sure the wash of your skinny jeans complements the jacket or crop top. 

Choose Your Jeans as Per Your Body Shape

Although skinny jeans work for all women, you need to pick the right pair according to your body type. If you have an hourglass figure, buy the flattering pair with a snug waistband. 

Banana body shapes look best in embellished jeans with back pockets, while apple-shaped women should go for a high-rise style to create a smooth silhouette. For a pear-shaped body, buy a larger size to fit your thighs.  

With these points in mind, you can enjoy women’s skinny jeans for any day or occasion and make the perfect style statement.

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